Oil may hit $100 but volatility will also grow, say energy CEOs

Oil prices hit $100 but the volatility would continue to grow

On Tuesday the top officials of the companies of energy have revealed that there is a possibility of the prices of the oil to fluctuate because there has been a decrease in the number of investments and the transmission of the energy has also been decreased. It also has been added that the cost price of a barrel of oil can even cross 100 dollars. Oil may hit $100 but volatility will also grow, say energy CEOs

And so that I would have said that just after the big de blue of the pandemic and after much it is a bit difficult work to get the investment and there is a little bit contraction between the demand and supply of the crude oil and petroleum which will continue till the economy and the market get easier with time and comes to the normal platform to you have pic back the pace again.

It is also added that the crude oil in the two-year high can be seen to cross even the mark of $75 which is quite high. There will be some lows in the prices Qatar economic forum.

The effect of the pandemic is such that it has blown off almost all the backbone of the industries but the economy and the government all over the world are trying their level best to bring and maintain economic stability so that the basic requirements and the things can be maintained.


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