Personal Loan Eligibility: How much salary do you need?

An unsecured loan from also known as personal loan, banks and financial institutions that help you pay for your needs and help you deal with life’s uncertainties. People often get personal loans to finance education, marriage, health care, etc. According to information provided by the Reserve Bank of India, the value of personal loans has increased significantly over the past few years. Personal loans stand at Rs. 19.33 lakh crore from June 2018 compared to Rs. 5.89 pounds. This was mostly because usually personal loans do not require the applicant to provide any collateral such as property or gold.

How Much Loan Can I Get?
When thinking about borrowing, the first question in your mind is – How much loan can I get? Apart from the key question of personal loans, it is a matter of canceling all the required eligibility criteria.

Qualification criteria vary from earning and self-employed people. The eligibility criteria for applying for your loan are given below:

  1. The applicant has to be an employee of a private or public entity with a basic benefit as a company policy.
  2.  Age must be starting from 21 years and the maximum can be 60 years.
  3. Income must be at least Rs. 25,500 in Mumbai and Delhi and Rs. 20,500 in other parts of India.
  4. A self-employed person can get a loan calculated on the profits after the industry-based tax and must be in business for less than five years.
    The applicant must have at least 1 year and 6 months of experience.

How Can one Check My Eligibility for a Personal Loan?
The above-mentioned eligibility criteria depend on whether the lender will consider your application or not. However, depending on other factors, the maximum loan limit is set. These methods vary for lenders.

Before applying for a loan, it is a good idea to work on things that will drastically increase the chances of your loan being approved. The value of your loan is calculated based on a number of factors, including your income, age, ability to pay and other factors. You can also make use of the personal loan calculator to find the maximum loan limit and alternative offers available.

Follow these very few simple steps using a personal loan calculator to find out the loan limit, available offers, and even get a loan approval after uploading the relevant documents.

  1. Enter your location.
  2. Enter your age and date of birth. You need to be between 21-60 years old to get a loan.
  3. Enter your monthly income in the event of a paid professional. Self-employed professionals need to make a profit after tax.
  4. Provide details of all your current EMIs, including loans, credit card debt, etc.
  5. You will get the same amount of credit you deserve. You can adjust the interest rate and employment rate according to your needs.
  6. You have the option of calculating the amount of loan you are entitled to by providing the additional information required. Next, using an EMI loan calculator, you can
  7. Enter a value under “Loan amount.”
  8. Set the interest rate.
  9. Next, change the loan position to check how EMI will change depending on the number of months you choose.


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