Union Bank and Punjab National Bank bring you the cheapest personal loan interest rate

With pandemic around, many people have lost jobs. Many have seen a sharp decrease in yearly incomes. While most people are going through a financial crisis, it is difficult for them to afford certain expenses that cannot be ignored, such as medical expenses. and home repairs. This is where personal loans act as a savior for us.

Personal loans are loans that we can avail of when we cannot afford a necessity. Availing of a personal loan is simple enough if you understand the process. Personal loans do not require you to keep collateral with the bank. An individual has to provide the documents necessary to avail of it.

You must consider personal loans as an emergency loan. Keeping that in mind, only a low-interest personal loan should be availed. Some of the loans which provide the cheapest interest rate are:

Union Bank of India – 8.90%

Punjab National Bank – 8.95%

Central Bank of India – 8.95%

India Bank – 9.05%

Bank of Maharashtra – 9.55%

State Bank of India – 9.60%

UCO Bank – 10.05%

Bank of Baroda – 10.10%

Federal Bank – 10.49%

HDFC Bank – 10.75%

As seen from the above table, Union Bank of India and Punjab National Bank of India, are the banks that provide the lowest interest rate for personal loans. Punjab National Bank, along with a low-interest rate of 8.95%, provides a tenure of 84 months and a loan amount of Rs. 15 lakh. Any salaried or self-employed individual can avail of this loan. The bank asks for minimum documents for your benefit and has experts to help you every step of the way.

The Union Bank of India is another bank that brings you personal loans at a very low-interest rate of 8.90%. The loan amount provided is between Rs. 50,000 to 5 lakh and tenure of 12 months to 60 months. Union Bank also provides many other benefits through its personal loan schemes.

You can check their website for additional details and information before applying. You can also call Dialabank at 9878981166 for any questions.


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