Petrol prices up by almost ₹32 since last April

Petrol prices up by almost Rs. 32

The petrol and Diesel prices are continually on a rise since April 2020. Since then, the prices have increased by around ₹ 32. The prices of Diesel have increased by ₹ 24.5 since the same time. Petrol prices up by almost ₹32 since last April

Petrol was ₹ 69.59 at the start of the last financial year and now has crossed 100 rupees per litre mark in almost all the states. 

At the end of last fiscal year, the petrol price closed on ₹ 90.56, and have reached over d ₹ 101 now. Prices of fuel surged much faster and higher than Diesel because a lot of states cut down taxes on Diesel. 

Consumers in the states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan have faced a much worse rise in fuel prices since the higher state Tax in these states. 

A sharp increase in the fuel prices is because of the increased crude oil prices in the international market plus the government not willing to reduce the taxes. The per-barrel price is $ 75 as of now in the international market which was around $ 110 during 2012 but the government maintained the price to ₹80 then.


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