Planning your retirement investment plan: NPS Vs Fractional Property

NPS Vs Fractional Property: Which might be a better retirement investment plan?

Many people might not agree with the fact that it is important to plan for your retirement, but yes it truly is important to plan for your sunset years so that you are able to live a comfortable life after retirement as well. And what one doesn’t count as a trustworthy option for a retirement plan, here it is, fractional ownership, which can provide you with healthy social security to protect you in old age.

Even if one lives a modest life, it can be a little taxing when you know that your income will stop, inflation will keep rising and the living expenses will pertain to be, as usual, this quote explains the reason for the government helping people with various retirement scheme plans. So, let us discuss some of these options:  Planning your retirement investment plan: NPS Vs Fractional Property


It is one of the most well-known schemes launched by the government in 2004. National Pension System is basically, the subscribers contributing a particular amount every month during the time of their working years and once they turn 60, they can withdraw a part of the amount (60%) with the rest going to the corpus of PFRDA- approved annuity plan.

Fractional ownership of commercial properties

Fractional ownership is a new concept in India that enables one to invest in commercial properties like office spaces and malls. Before the pandemic period, the real estate market was facing an undergoing boom but currently, it is on its recovery path with a strong outlook.


Despite the fact that fractional ownership is not a traditional retirement planning option, it is very beneficial if seen via its past records of success, as it brings high and stable returns. So, it can be a wise decision to add this to your retirement plans along with other such instruments.



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