PNB gold Loan EMI

Gold Loan EMI is the monthly installment that the applicant has to pay until the entire amount of the loan is reimbursed. The EMI is paid until the entire amount including the principal amount as well as the monthly interest installment is made to the lender. During the reimbursement of the PNB Gold Loan Amount the interest component keeps on decreasing and on the other hand, the principal payable keeps on increasing with each payable EMI. While making the payment of the PNB Gold Loan as the interest rates are floating the borrower can either keep the EMI constant and reduce the loan tenure or keep the loan repayment period constant and reduce the EMI payable. 

PNB Gold Loan EMI Calculator

Gold Loan borrowers can calculate the EMI payable with the help of the PNB Gold Loan EMI Calculator. PNB Gold Loan Calculator is convenient, accurate, and fully reliable. Using the EMI Calculator one can take out the EMI payable within minutes which is pretty hassle-free while on the other hand doing the calculations manually is quite time-consuming and does not even guarantee accuracy. Through the EMI Calculator, the borrower can manage their monthly expenses and select the Repayment tenure according to their own comfort. 

PNB Gold Loan Per Gram Eligibility

Following are the factors one needs to keep in mind in order to avail of the PNB Gold Loan:

  • AGE: the minimum age of 21 years and can be availed till 65 years.

  • LOAN AMOUNT: The applicant can apply for a gold loan within Rs 1000 and 10 Lakh.
  • GOLD PURITY: Gold Loan can be availed through jewelry, gold bars as well as minted coins with the purity of the gold ranging from 18-24 carats.

  • EMPLOYMENT: Gold Loan can be availed by all segments of people whether being salaried, self-employed, house wife’s or students as soon as they meet the Eligibility Criteria.

  • LOAN TENURE: PNB Gold Loan can be reimbursed after a tenure of one month to a year.




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