Poonawalla Finance offers very special loans to all the company secretaries


This Poonawalla Finance Private Limited, a very systemically important non-deposit taking this kind of NBFC, also announced its tie-up with all Institute of the Company Secretaries of India to offer all the collateral-free very special this kind of term loan product to more Company Secretaries across India. Poonawalla Finance has also signed an MOU with this ICSI for a very special term of this loan scheme that will always help these members fulfill all kinds of financial requirements for all their professional practice and personal emergencies.

This kind of very special term this loan scheme carries zero processing fees for the loans up to some months, very good rate of interest, zero prepayments all the charges, zero collateral, and some more things. This also comes with a very good option to take-over existing loans with a very high rate of interest. This kind of loan amount ranges very good amounts.

As the economy is also recovering from this covid-19 pandemic impact, our focus is on offering this credit support to all the MSMEs as well as professionals like Company Secretaries so that they can some further boost all the entrepreneurial ecosystem and also fuel all the economic growth. We are always committed to creating a very favorable environment for this kind of entrepreneur to grow. With such kind of loan schemes, we will be able to also enhance our reach to all countries as well as further penetrate this kind of vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem of the country.

All the companies signed an MOU with this kind of ICSI for the very special term this loan plans, which should help these members fulfill all the financial requirements for this kind of professional practice and these personal emergencies, all the companies said in a very good release. This kind of very special term loan scheme carries very zero processing fees for these loans up to very good months at a very attractive rate of interest.



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