Post-COVID: Ways you can Increase your Personal Loan Eligibility

1. Credit score should always be reviewed
Those with a debt rating of 750 or more are more likely to be eligible for a mortgage loan. Therefore, before applying for a loan always review your credit score it will help the borrower to improve his / her credit score and, therefore, the value of his / her loan. monitor monitored/guaranteed borrowing and timely payment of EMIs and credit cards.

2. Analyze your EMI availability
Most lenders prefer total EMIs, including a new personal loan EMI, to be less than 50% of your monthly income. Those who pass this level are less likely to be granted a loan. Therefore, applicants for personal loans must carefully choose their loan right according to their ability to pay EMIs. The short term will have higher EMIs and lower interest costs, while longer stays will have lower EMI and higher interest costs.

3. Multiple loan inquiries must be avoided in the short term
Whenever a person applies for a loan, the lender downloads his credit report to credit bureaus to check his creditworthiness. Credit report applications initiated by lenders are considered difficult questions, each of which is listed on the credit report and reduced credit score by a few points. Doing a lot of loan shots with multiple lenders in a short period of time can greatly reduce your credit score.

Instead, the people who need a loan can visit online financial markets and select the best suitable lender after comparing all the different lenders based on their loan value and process of eligibility such as credit scores, income, job profile, etc. These financial markets will also get their hands on credit reports. while offering various loan offers, their credit report applications are considered soft questions and do not affect the applicants’ debts.

4. Submit with another applicant (Co-applicant)
Those who are unable to obtain a personal loan may consider adding an applicant or applicant to improve loan eligibility. Adding an applicant also reduces the credit risk to the lender as the applicant also has the same obligation to repay the loan on time.

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