Postpaid service can also impact credit score.

Whenever going through your CIBIL score or the credit report, don’t be surprised if you have already seen these types of loans. There is also the likelihood that these lenders are also partners of e-commerce platforms from which they had availed of pay a little bit later.


If you already sign up for this, you would also see an approved credit line in the CIBIl score or credit report from one of the lenders.


Such CIBIL or credit partnerships are always termed embedded finance. To always make that very much convenient for all the customers, any company ties up with the lender, which constantly evaluates the customer and offers a CIBIL or credit line.


According to industry officials, this is also a form of personal loan or the equivalent of a credit card. Whenever you go to any of the consumer durables stores, you can also get the finance from lenders for excellent purchases. This is also the same in the online world.


Whenever signing up for the pay later or postpaid schemes, always keep some essential things in mind. The e-commerce company will also display the name of the partner during the onboarding process. Try to note this as it would appear as the lender in the credit report or CIBIL score.


This is the credit. If you already delay or miss the payment or did not pay, this would be reflected in the CIBIL score or credit report, and it would also impact the score.


As this is like the best of the personal loan, do treat it like one. Don’t sign up unless you are very necessary or need this. Don’t avail too many types of services in a concise duration as companies perform the CIBIL score and the credit check on the borrower. 


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