Real Estate as an Investment Option

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Real Estate as an Investment Option

Real Estate Investments can produce income (like a bond) and appreciate (like equity). They generate a continuous source of income, and Indian real estate investment has proved to be the highest yielding investment in the world. Real estate We live in the house as well as Most of the investments we make in our lives. Buy at a cheaper rate, enjoy appreciation, and then sell it at a higher rate when the building is ready for occupation.

According to the Chamber of Industry, real estate income property is regarded as world-class. Real estate as an investment opportunity is very popular.

Factors responsible for the upswing in Real Estate Investments in India:

  1. Special Economic Zone (SEZ) development
  2. Residential, commercial, and industrial property demand
  3. Quality of life of people with high disposable income growth
  4. Development of the IT industry.

Decision-Making Approach to Real Estate Investment

Investment should be made if the value of the investment is higher than or similar to its cost. But one should not consider making an investment if its value is less than its cost.

FDI in Real Estate Sector in India:

Foreign Direct Investment is encouraged in the following sectors:

  1. Development of Hotels
  2. Travel and Tourism Industry
  3. Development of Township
  4. Development of Commercial Estate
  5. Infrastructure development
  6. Construction of SEZ

Disadvantages and Risks related to Real Estate Investments:

  1. Illiquid: Unlike other investment options, real estate investment cannot be immediately converted into cash.
  2. Depreciation of Value of the Investment.


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