Rs 445cr of Rs 2,780cr Crop Loan Disbursed in Nashi

Crop loan disbursed in Nashi

For the current year session 2021-22, with the Crop loan aim of Rs 2,780 crores, there has been sanctioned and disbursed Rs 445 crores, which is relatively higher than the one approved last year Rs 233 crores.

The district administration of Nashik have seen all the possibilities and the situation and have shown glimpses that the progress of the work is good. Still, it will have to make sure that there should not be any cases where the farmers for their essential financial requirement does not get into the trap of the moneylenders while on the other side of the coin have warned and given the instructions of not auctioning the land of the farmers for the sake of the collection of the loan amount for the current pandemic time where other options and the restructuring of the loans are available.Rs 445cr of Rs 2,780cr crop loan disbursed in Nashi

The collector of Nashik, Mr Suraj Mandhare, said that in the last year Rs 3,052 crores had been reimbursed for the crop loan the previous year so that farmers can get a better yield and have good earning which will make them. Meet the loan requirements for their uses like that of the personal loan, home loan, gold loan, Crop loan and the other types of the loan.

On the other side of the coin, due to the present pandemic, there has been a follow up of the safety measures like that of functioning most of the banking and the financial procedures in the online mode by the staff like the personal loan documents and other required documents for the loans.

Most of the loans that those who were availed in the last year have been extended from less than two years to 2 years as the new moratorium time limit and changes and the relaxations in the gold loan interest rates and other types of processing charges and other interest has been revised for the sake of the customers.


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