Rs 9 crore routed to a Delhi man fake bank accounts?

A 35-year-old New Delhi man, who had opened not just one or two accounts but had opened a total of seven full bank accounts at the time of demonetization, and used them to transfer all the black money which is claimed to be up to Rs 9 crore on the commission basis, the man was arrested on Thursday. The suspect, whose name is Gaurav Singhal, and lives in Shahadra, has been always on the run ever since 2016.

Rajesh Kumar Gupta, a tax official, filed a police complaint against the suspect alleging that from November 9, 2016, to December 30, 2016, according to the officials nearly Rs 9 Crore had been deposited in all those various bank accounts.

It is still not confirmed that, how was he able to get all the fake IDs? Did the bank even confirm the PAN or Aadhar number details from the portal? The questions still remain.

Join Police Commissioner (EOW) OP Mishra said that when the inquiry was done with the banks, it emerged that the account holders were conducting their business in a house in Shahdara. Based upon the pictures which were found in those statements of the banks, Singhal was the name of one of the occupants in that building. When the man was questioned, he admitted that he had forged all those IDs, those voting cards, and also the PAN card, to open all the different bank accounts where large amounts of money had been deposited,” said Mishra.

Police continue to find many other facts like all seven accounts were opened using two names. The names are Yogesh Kumar and Rahul Jain. Account opening forms revealed that Singhal had used his photographs in four different bank accounts and some photographs of different unknown individuals in the remaining three, Join Police Commissioner (EOW) OP Mishra said.


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