Solar modules with PLI support of RS. 11000 CR to white goods

The managing director of Solar Gautam Mohanka said, “ there are solar powers, and it has some products in the expected standards.” There are global markets as well.  There are some PLI schemes ni white goods and solar modules. This has cost the 10738 crores for five years.

The scheme has over LED lights and many more things for 6238 crores. These have over 4500 crores for solar modules. There are 4-6 percent increments in sales in the calculated year 2019-2020. The commerce minister Piyush goyal has over the AC industry in the current 20-25 to 75 percent. It has an implementation in the LED from 70-75 percent from 40 percent. There are many components and efficiency in teh solar model manufacturers.  There are 13 PLI schemes, and the covid pandemic has large corporations. There are telecom, electronics and textiles stood at rupees 1.97 and for years. There are $520 billion.

Teh PLI scheme for increment 7920 crores to 1,68,000 of rupees 7920 crores and exports of 64,400 crores. There are earning 49300 crores for four lakh direct and indirect.  The PLI scheme in solar modules helps the country 10 gigawatts and 30,000 direct employment.

There are many DPIIT renewable energy sources, and there are many companies in the solar modules and respectively. There are many supportive policies in Tata power and manufacturing company in 1.1 G and manufacturing issue. In the 1.5 GW. There are 50 percent in the countries solar income and teh china and build solar. There are fallen from $393 from $1.6 billion, and there are fell 4.4% from 4.7 GW and fell by 20 percent.


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