Special Campaign by Kerala Bank on Agriculture Loans

The Kerala Cooperative Bank (Kerala Bank) with the financial help of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) provides financial aid to farmers and encourages agricultural initiatives.

Agriculture Loans by Kerala Bank for farmers

The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development was introduced by the Apex Bank (Reserve Bank of India) main function is to provide credit or funds along with other facilities to encourage and promote rural development activities. NABARD was proposed mainly to regulate agricultural finance, and they also have done any development work in cooperation with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Following the nation-wide lockdown declared by the government to contain the virus, many were left jobless and. It also disrupted the agriculture sector and threatened the livelihood of the farmers as it had a huge effect on the production and trade.

In the campaign launched by the Kerala Bank is working toward providing long-term loans with the aid of NABARD, which will be disbursed as per their (NABARD) guidelines for agricultural and similar development activities.

These include setting up agricultural nurseries, dairy and poultry farming, high-tech farming like greenhouse farming; enabling the purchase of agricultural land and farm machinery such as tractors, power tiller; irrigation developments like digging up of wells and borewells, drip irrigation, etc.

All farmers are eligible for the agriculture loan who are cultivators and have the knowledge and experience of the activity.

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