TATA, Adani Stocks In Demand

When it comes to stock and share, one always needs to be alert and cautious. The biggest caution that one should practice is if there are major chances of fear of inflation. Moreover, a sole perspective that could come up as a major problem is if the US Fed decides to tighten the easy money policy any time soon. The other thing that benefits is India is the country where people are moving money from the developed markets to emerging markets. So whether it is DM to EM diversion in capital flows or the other macros that we need to talk about, there is nothing on the horizon that signals to want to get scared other than a run that has caught people off-guard.

Furthermore, HDFC bank, Kotak, and Bajaj Finance are in the topmost position. Axis Bank is not at the records but they are running their business at the best in comparison with other banks.

Currently, we are not talking only about the stocks but just to make a strong disclosure, sometimes we need to mention a name or two and some of these will be there in the personal portfolio. From a major securities portfolio, we do not hold stocks. It is purely advisory. So there is no conflict to be discussed. SBI is noticed to bought every dip of the market cap and is where it stands today.

Keeping the employment perspective in mind, we can say people may have lost jobs but there are alternative things that people are doing. Employment is not being captured in job numbers. It is important to make this differentiation and numbers may become more visible as these Demat accounts keep increasing much to surprises. It is the best time to invest in three sectors that would surprise an investor with good profits in the market that have been created through the pandemic and may help develop other skills. 


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