The companies that first merged now have a problem with tax debt

Several companies had started integration is now experiencing problems in getting tax debts due to delays to obtain the necessary permissions as well end of process after closing down disrupted time lines.

Tax debt on income paid income authorities when the process is open to be trapped as a tax department performed a detailed examination of the compound cases takes longer to complete.

In some large companies, The amount attached to the tax debt comes in hundreds of thousands, said insiders. Middle people acquaintances say hundreds of thousands of companies – both by external mergers or an internal party — affected by this delay.

Debt tax with a reset that can be set in respect of future tax liabilities. During a merger, a gap is there between the set date and working day. The remittances from the due date will be taxed in the hands of a transfer company.

However, the transfer company does not exist you have been given a prepaid tax debt as well tax liabilities arising from Form 26AS le a transfer company despite legalization right, “said Dilip Lakhani, an official hired accountant hired. The amount attached to the tax debt also affects the finances of several companies at a time when companies exist facing operational financial problems.

For some companies, this amount is treated as a future discovery. In most cases, money is withheld for more than two years, and the auditors raise questions as to whether this number will be fulfilled. This is a problem of performance, industry trackers mean, and can just be sorted by setting a timeline or specifying something regulations.

“CBDT must find a way out to praise it in the transfer company as a major debt it remains dormant against a money transfer company, “said Lakhani.

In many cases, tax officials often do so examine tax debt very closely. Tax debts also affect the flow of money in the government itself revenue collection. The whole process of integration and reconstruction is in place approval by National Company Legal Council (NCLT). The Delay for the process approval of the file a few months ago was caused due to disruption caused by the Covid epidemic.

It is not the first time that the corporate mergers have been included checked by the tax department. In the past, the tax department had done it began examining several combinations companies also asked how kindness is cured. The department is examining several it is suspected that several companies have done M&A just to do it he avoids taxes.

Hundreds of companies have it remake or merge within the group they are under the taxpayer “artificial” lens by creating grace, to reduce their taxes only. Below accounting rules, good interest is not tangible of property and depreciation after consolidation or adoption. Appreciation is often written off within a few years of the transaction, leading to lower tax evasion.


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