The finance approves the budget of ₹600 crores of Panjab University’s

The Panjab University’s board of finance on weekday conjointly approved a really smart revenue expenditure of ₹599.74 crores for this year. Also, the revised smart allow 2020-21 was merely approved at ₹556.07 crores. This best Panjab University’s board of total finance approves a very decent budget of ₹600 crores for this year.

This all expenditure on all the salaries of teaching still as non-teaching workers were pegged at ₹350.76 crores for this year and have been exaggerated to additional 366.37 crores for subsequent this year.

For all the retirement advantages, this has been exaggerated to ₹27.81 crores from ₹22.48 crore. the whole price for the conduct of examinations is calculable at ₹34.33 crores.

After this straightforward approval of the annual budget, this can be placed before the varsity’s syndicate still as senate, for the ultimate approval.

Also, the financial gain of this university, as well as the annual maintenance grants and also the total supplementary grant beneath the post-matric scholarship theme, has been merely calculable at ₹599.74 crores for this 2021-22.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the varsity’s financial gain from all the examination fees unfit to ₹135 large integer in 2020-21, that was conjointly calculable at ₹157.5 crore. and also the financial gain of ₹150.5 crores has been calculable for 2021-22.

The internal financial gain of the varsity has been merely calculable at ₹291.97 crores during this 2021-22, and ₹62 large integers still 14.75 crores from partly self-financed departments as terribly ancient teaching departments, severally.

The grants from the University Grants Commission area unit slated at ₹262.34 crores are still crores from the geographic area government for this 2021-22.

All the unfinished grants beneath the Post-Matric Scholarship theme were conjointly mentioned throughout the meeting. The chemical element is however to receive around ₹21 crores from the geographic area Government beneath the PMS. As per all the revised estimates of 2020-21.



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