The rise in net advances in march by the private banks

According to the data provided by the banks, the net advances in the march has been increased.  Many private lenders have noticed the net advances increment.  The HDFC bank has 13.9% year on year growth, and in the federal banks, it has around 9% year on year. In the other banks, it has around 3% year on year. These are all recorded in the banks.

Yes, the bank has around 0.8 per cent of the loan, and the teh retail distributee has around 7828 crores in Q4FY21. This data is for the banks in the different sectors.

Yes, the bank has around 54.7 per cent year on year, and other banks have around 27% per cent year on year. HDFC Bank has around 16.3% year on year, and in the federal bank, it has around 13 per cent year on year.

The Casa There supported this was a rise in 51.8%, and in teh yes bank it has around 27 per cent. In a federal bank, it is 26 per cent. Earlier this Ebanks has around 4-5%. These revisions were made in June 2020. It has around 0.1%.

In FY22, it has around 9-10% in teh rising levels. According to RBI, teh private banks has around 8.6 per cent year on year. In February 2021. These are based on the SBCs. There was around 6.6 per cent of year on year in February 2021, and in march 2021, it has around 6.6 per cent.


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