SBI and the Economy both looking up from now

Ashwani Bhatia, Managing Director of SBI talked about the business in the times of COVID-19 in an interview. 

How do you plan to make the next 10 years count?

To this question,  his answer was that it is quite simple. There are a lot of growth opportunities in the economy itself. The results of last year were also really good. We have revamped the systems, we are ready with the digital platforms, we have a good reach and we are a good franchise too.

If India grows, then the SBI will also grow with the economy. Though the past years were tough for us, especially the last two years of COVID-19 I think that the next two year will be good.  THINGS WILL ONLY LOOK UP FROM HERE, BOTH FOR ECONOMY AND SBI :  ASHWANI BHATIA, MD, SBI

How do you see digital competency shaping up in the industry and where does SBI stand in that particular stack?

To this question, Ashwani Bhatia replied that we started pretty well. Whether it is our apps or the internet banking or the YONO platform or ATMs, all of them are a part of our digital move. Going forward with all of these would be a great combination of both the bricks and mortar and digital. During these times of COVID-19, more than 90% of the work is done digitally. At a point, the branches of the bank are going to be nothing except the distribution points.

The last 10-12 years, particularly the last 3-4 years have been horrific in terms of the credit cycle. How do you see things shaping up from here?

To this question, Ashwani Bhatia replied that no doubt, stress is there but at the same time it is manageable. The risk mitigation in our system has made it much more resilient. The Reserve Bank of India has also become more active. There is the consolidation from 28 and presently, we are at 12 banks. I think the credit cycle will grow up.


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