This gold loan book can also see the correction

The book size may also correct terms of total value in H1 as the gold rate is correct. At the period, we anticipate a tremendous industrial growth of 20-25 per cent minimum in terms of weight.


NBFC Kerala based assets under the management of Rs 650 crore as well as also expected an extraordinary growth of nearly 30 percent.

  1. As the rate of gold has fallen to Rs 45,000 level, are you seeing the offtake of these loans immensely slowing down? If no, why? If yes, then why?


Ans. The rate of the gold and offtake of this loan is sparsely related as the recent hike in the offtake has been the residual effect of very lack of required credit growth in all the banking sectors.

2. What is good growth for the best gold loan?


Ans. Rs 280 crore already disbursed previous years Q4, Rs 420 crore this year.

3. How is the company addressing this type of issue?


Ans. The first, as well as the foremost thing, is that we constantly work on the transparent contract with the borrowers, which very clearly depicts and thoroughly educates them on the trigger points related to the margin call and auction points. Also, we have set the end of the margin call and energy of the auction in correlating the TOS on this best loan and the current metal rate, which is being watched under the robust daily account to account.

4. What is the outlook on this loan for FY22?


Ans. The book size may also take the correction in terms of value in H1 as the correction in the gold loan rate and at the same time, we do anticipate a whole of the industrial growth of 20-25% minimum in terms of the weight. 



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