This heading towards total gross NPAs of 2% on the sustainable basis

In this pandemic of Covid-19 and the lockdown-like situation in 20-odd cities of the country. Mobility is already affected as most businesses. Also, the impact of this on all players would show up only in the next one or two quarters.Restructuring 2.0 is available,no place for moratorium-RBI.

All intend to use the current account savings account to enter the prime segment of this best of the home loan whole of the market, MD and CEO Shritama Bose. Some banks expect 1.5% of the customer base to avail of a very new restructuring scheme.

What has already impacted this second wave of the Covid-19 been in the business so far?

In this pandemic, there is also a lockdown extending to some of the cities of the country. Mobility is also affected, as are most businesses. 

At this time, we restructured 0.9% of the book by value. Again, this is a little bit hard to guess how many people will apply for this new scheme. This always depends on the effect of this second wave of the pandemic. This wave is already giving mixed signals. On one side, this also looks like a tough one to deal with. On the other side, this is not a national lockdown.

Sectors such as manufacturing and exports are still moving towards. Since the signals are already mixed, the impact of this pandemic would already show only one quarter from now. We already guess about 1.5% of all the customer base can also take some of the best advantages, but that’s just a guess.

The total savings interest rate now also goes down to 5%. Would rates be sustainable at that level?

We are the total rated CRISIL for the FD programme, which also talks of the best safety. All the customers want very much protection, plus very good savings rates are still very competitive. Plus, we also have the very best and extraordinary brand, an institutional feel, and customer service, so we already think the deposits would continue to grow. 


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