Truly BANK dispatches health-themed Visas – Check highlights

In association with Aditya Birla Wellness Private Limited, YES BANK has dispatched ‘YES BANK Wellness’ and ‘YES BANK Wellness Plus’s Mastercard’s which are focused on comprehensive wellbeing, self-care, and health of customers.

Cardholders will have the option to appreciate the free medical advantages by basically enrolling on the Aditya Birla Multiply App. The application will permit buyers to profit free advantages, for example, yearly wellbeing registration, nonstop specialist or advisor helpline, in-studio, or locally situated exercise meetings, customized diet plans, among others.

The bank says as customers face new real factors of self-teaching of youngsters, telecommuting, and absence of actual contact with friends and family and associates, this inventive advance will support and advance self-care, mental and actual prosperity. The cards additionally offer advantages like yearly free preventive wellbeing registration, accessible as needs be meeting with Doctors, Specialists, Counselors and Nutritionists, and so forth.

Key advantages of the YES BANK Wellness and Wellness Plus Card are as followed:

  1. Wellbeing Credit Card

Estimated at Rs 1,999 per year, the Wellness card will offer 20 Reward Points on Pharmacy spends (each Rs. 200), 4 Reward Points on other spends (each Rs 200), alongside free yearly preventive wellbeing registration (25 boundaries), and 6 free wellness meeting for every month: choices like Gym, Yoga, and Zumba. The card will likewise offer limitless specialist interviews available to come into work and free online conferences across clinical specialties, and diet plans as indicated by the cardholder’s objectives.

  1. Wellbeing Plus Credit Card

Valued at Rs 2,999 per year, the Contactless installment Wellness Plus card will offer 30 Reward Points on Pharmacy spends (each Rs 200), 6 Reward Points on another spending (each Rs 200). Alongside free yearly preventive wellbeing registration (31 boundaries), and 12 free wellness meeting for every month: alternatives like Gym, Yoga, and Zumba. It will likewise offer limitless Doctor interviews accessible as needs be, Diet Plans as per the cardholder’s objectives, and free online counsels across clinical specialties. Cardholders will likewise get homegrown air terminal parlor access (2 visits for each quarter).

Rajanish Prabhu, Business Head – Credit Cards and Merchant Acquisition, YES BANK, says, As we adjust to the new typical, organizing the wellbeing and prosperity as people and that of our friends and family has gotten always significant. This card has been planned to remember the comprehensive wellbeing needs of purchasers and it is a convincing incentive.


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