Two important spheres to look out for in Budget 2021

The two essential areas where everyone should really be focused on as we are nearing the much-awaited Budget that is how much has been spent by the government in 2020 and how much does the government intend on spending on the welfare of the people in the year 2021-22.

This will be the basis for structuring any real optimism for a sustainable macroeconomic recovery in the near future in spite of some of the indicators that do suggest recovery its too early to claim one and make our basis according to that as the structural norms as a consequence of the Covid pandemic still needs restructuring. 

Any preassumptions about the recovery of the Indian economy would not serve the purpose as it is yet to cope with the redundancy and the consequences of the actions of the Government during the pandemic as not only was the lockdown imposed by them when it was not needed but they even reopened everything then the cases started shooting up thereby putting more risk to people’s lives. 

Food surpluses had been stockpiled by the Government with the Food Corporation of India when absolute hunger among the people tended to increase tremendously. The scheme started by the government of providing free food grains which consisted of around 5 kgs of grains per month had even been suspended from November 2020 even when the stock of the food lying with the Food Corporation of India was double the cushion requirement. The rebuttal of basic food grains to a hundred million people will result in undernourishment and the inadequacy of the nutrient requirement in the people which would further leave them vulnerable.  



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