UCO former bank manager chargesheet in Rs 1 crore fruad case?

In MUMBAI, it is the Marine Drive police who have filed a charge sheet/petition in the local court against Dhirendra Sharma, who was a former manager at the Union Bank of India, who according to the Marine Drive police who have filed a charge sheet found out that Dhirendra Sharma had allegedly withdrawn hefty amount, that is more than Rs 1 Crore from his father-in-law’s bank account.

Dhirendra Sharma was arrested in Bhopal according to the Marine Drive police last Wednesday, but he was granted bail just after few hours as his lawyer argued with the police and made the point that Dhirendra Sharma had returned all the money to the bank and that the police could not get anything from him.

As per the Marine Drive Police, it is said that Dhirendra Sharma’s brother and father-in-law both had been released from the case as the police could not find their role in the whole case. Both Sharma’s brother and father-in-law were released under the section of 169 of the CrPC which states that if, in the investigation under this Chapter, it appears to the police officer who is in charge of the police station that there is insufficient evidence or good reason to suspect the defendant’s referral to the Magistrate, that officer if the person is in custody, has to appear, if necessary, if the Magistrate is empowered to look into the case in a police report, and to try or defend the accused. Police had previously booked all three of them in the case. Police said the two men were unaware of the case.

In a case report which was published last week, the news had indicated that the suspect worked for UCO Bank. However, a UCO Bank official said Sharma was not an employee of the bank, and UCO Bank had no contact with the case.



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