Vijaya Bank Gold Gives the sense to use their asset to finance your needs

Vijaya Bank’s gold loan proposes an effective way for its customers to fulfil all kinds of personal needs such as a wedding, education, business expansion, etc. Minimum Loan Amount: The minimum loan proportion commences from INR 1000. The maximum Loan Amount as it is a secured loan, there is no ultimatum on the upper limit on the Vijaya Bank gold loan.

Vijaya Bank allows 11.95% on the interest rates for the loans provided for Gold with that they have miscellaneous other processing fees. The rates of the Gold and all the other charges are inferred to you upfront transparently before permitting the loan amount. One does not have to worry about the hidden charges on the gold loan.

Vijaya Bank gold loans could be the simplest and most credible options to secure funds for your unexpected needs at extraordinary interest rates. Keeping the documentation minimal and a secure repository, Vijaya Bank’s gold loan is the most viable option you look for to get the funding shortly. The funds thus protected from a gold loan can be applied for weddings, education, business expansion, and other similar purposes. A gold loan lends sudden help in times of emergencies as it helps an individual get cash within a day, or When a medical emergency strikes, Vijay Bank Gold loan can be a saviour. 

The period of repayment on Vijaya Bank gold loan onsets from 12 months and up to 30 months. The borrower does not necessarily have to reimburse a processing fee on the Vijaya Bank gold loan. There are no prepayment charges on the Vijaya Bank gold loan. The interest rate on the Vijaya Bank gold loan is up to 11.95%. The gold jewels that are submitted to the bank as a part of collateral are kept safely with the bank in the bank’s locker and you can fetch it back after the whole loan repayment is done. The gold loan per gram would range between INR 1755 to 2145 and is prone to shift based on the purity of the gold and the market prices.



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