What documents do you need to get a Standard Chartered Bank Personal Loan?

Personal Loans help one cover any expense that he or she cannot afford. The pandemic has increased the financial crises being faced by people. Many people have lost jobs and many have faced a decrease in their salary. Amidst this, personal loans have acted as a way out for people. They allow individuals to take a certain amount of money from the bank to fulfil a business that they cannot otherwise pay for. 

Personal Loans are unsecured loans because they do not require one to give an asset to the bank as collateral. It is a loan that is easy to avail of and is provided by many banks across India. However, personal loans do require the production of certain documents that vary from bank to bank. The bank will verify these documents before approving your loan request and providing you with the money. 

Every bank has more or less similar requirements for documents. However, they may slightly vary from each other. Standard Chartered Bank, which brings you personal loans at a low-interest rate starting from 11.80%, ask for the following documents, as it is deemed fit by the experts. 

  • The filled out loan form with two photographs. 
  • Identity Proof such as Aadhar Card, PAN card, Ration Card, Passport, Driver’s License, or Voter ID. 
  • Address Proof like Passport, Telephone Bill,  Electricity Bill, Ration Card, Driving License, Rental Agreement, Life /Medical Insurance Policy, or Apartment Allotment Letter.
  • Income Proof, such as the latest three-month salary slip, Form 16 or Acknowledged Income Tax Returns. 

Apart from the legitimacy of these documents that will decide the approval of the loan, maintaining a proper CREDIT score, fulfilling the special eligibility criteria, being employed with a steady income, and maintaining a low credit utilization ratio also play an important role. 

Every relatable information can be found on the website of the Standard Chartered Bank. You can either physically go to the bank to drop your documents or you can send them online through the website. 

Taking a loan can be very stressful as there are many questions that people ponder over when it comes to taking a loan. Dialabank comes to your aid and clears all your confusion. So stop fretting and call 9878981166.



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