Which Banks Provide The Cheapest Personal Loan Interest Rate: A Guide for You

With loans getting more and more common among people, we bring you the banks which provide personal loans at a very low-interest rate. Here are some of the banks that will allow you to take a personal loan at a low-interest rate so that you can fulfil your dream. 

According to sources, Union Bank of India provides the lowest interest rate of 8.90% which amounts up to a loan of Rs. 5 lakh. The HDFC Bank, which is one of the largest banks in India offers a low-interest rate of 10.75 percent that amounts up to an EMI of Rs. 10,809. The federal Bank of India provides you with an interest rate of 10.49 percent and an EMI of Rs. 10,744. Bank of Baroda, which is the largest bank with branches in many states allows an interest rate of 10.10 percent that amounts to the EMI being 10,648 rupees. The UCO Bank provides an interest rate of 10.05 percent on personal loans that adds up to the EMI rate being 10,636 rupees. 

Another popular bank, The State Bank of India provides an interest rate of 9.60% and an EMI of 10,525 rupees. Bank of Maharashtra comes with an interest rate of 9.55 percent that amounts to Rs. 10,513. Indian bank gives an interest rate of 9.05% and an EMI of Rs. 10,391. The Central Bank of India, which is another well-known government-owned bank, allows an interest rate of 8.95% that sums up the EMI to Rs, 10,367. Punjab National Bank comes with an interest rate of 8.95 percent and the sum of it amounts to 10,367, as mentioned above. The last bank providing the lowest interest rate is Union Bank of India with an interest rate of 8.90% and an EMI of Rs. 10,355. 

Personal loans are the easiest ways to fulfill your dreams and make them into realities. All you have to do is apply for it with a bank that suits your needs and provides you low-interest rates and EMIs. 



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