Why couldn’t India efficiently fight Covid? This is where the buck possibly stops

Covid and India’s fight against that

It was unknown to scientists that quick, quality research was the key to fighting Covid when it had hit the world. Then, why did India achieve so less, despite being amongst the top ones in research talent? Firstly, it is important to know the global best practices of Covid research. Why couldn't India efficiently fight Covid? This is where the buck possibly stops

Important national and global questions need to be identified through consultations with clinicians, sociologists, scientists, economists, epidemiologists.

Then there will be consolidation and prioritisation of the research topics from the long list.

Next is to not reinvent the wheel by looking for international and private collaborators.

This step can be done by the identification and then asking if they can collaborate where it is relevant, the identification can be done for the individuals and institutions.

Results should be delivered within the stipulated time frame by the monitoring mechanism in order to close the circle.

It is difficult to evaluate this by identifying a metric. However, we failed to effectively translate research to action without a doubt as we did not make any concerted effort in order to coordinate research plus we did not even prioritise research, which led to failure.


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