Why the Reserve Bank of India cautioned the public against the use of unauthorized digital lending apps

The banking concern of India in December some types issued a note of caution to all or any the general public against the utilization of unauthorized lending apps all citing recent media reports on the unethical collection practices together with some kinds of the arbitrary rate of interest being charged by most of the apps.

There are some reports about all the individuals/very small businesses falling prey to the growing number of the unauthorized digital lending platforms/Mobile Apps on the guarantees of getting this kind of loans in an exceedingly very quick yet hassle-free manner, said the Reserve Bank of India.

Only these types of licensed banks, as well as non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) given authorization by this central bank, can do public lending activities, the central bank already said. Earlier this year, the Reserve Bank of India had also issued a detailed set of guidelines over acceptable lending practices that can always be followed by fintech apps.

Aggregators tying up with the licensed banks and the NBFCs would have to disclose upfront the nature of these types of tie-ups, to improve transparency, this central bank had already said.

Recently some reports have surfaced of the excess rate of interest charged, additional very hidden charges as well as unethical collection practices including misuse of the agreements to access data on the mobile phones of all the borrowers by the collection agents of these types of fintech lenders.

Those with many loans should also prioritize the order of repayment. You may either repay the very smallest loans first or this target of costliest loans. In the very first approach known as all the debt snowball repayment strategy.

Clearing all the very low-ticket size loans may bring very immediate mental relief of having paid off these types of loans very quickly. But whenever the number of these loans may come down quickly, this won’t be the quickest way to bring down your aggregate debt burden.


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