Witness muted for revenue growth in FY22 for brokerages: Crisill

There are many client additions, and the brokerages have positive revenue growth. These are in fiscal 2022. In this pandemic, ADTO had managed to have maximum revenue. But the growth will be muted. The crisil ratings sail these.
The brokering revenue in 2020 is 7%, and in 2021, it is 65-70%. The brokering revenue has increased in this pandemic.
Crisil said the brokering revenue grew by 1- to 8 percent in the pandemic. This means there are no brokerages these days. Krishna Sivaraman said that the pandemic had lost revenue and had lost even everyone’s revenue these days.   But the brokerage’s income is increased these days. This sequential growth is 18 percent. He said the equality is increased in January 2021, and it has many higher margins in the trading in fiscal 2022. These are some of the challenges.
In the starting, the brokerages’ income is nearly 52 percent, and that is equal to the 5 years. This has nearly 1.6 lakh crores as of December 2020.
And it has low interest and saving sand deposits in the lockdown. These had returned the equalities in march 2020, and it has a high demand. The discounts have in the market in teh active clients, and they have many revenue markets in the market. It has over 10,000 to 120000 in the first half of FY21, and the discount brokers have around 40000 to 8000.


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