Yes Bank expects 15% loan growth in FY22: Prashant Kumar, managing director and chief executive officer

It is the last year from where the world is going through a terrible run. The impact of the coronavirus has been such that most of the time, almost everything remains closed for the lockdown. The main motto to bring maximum output in the form of benefits and the growth in the market shares. It is too early to comment or express any views till the time the coronavirus shows any new trends.


In the last month, it has been noticed that the GST collections of Rs 1.4 lakh crore along with most of the things of industrial progress and the distribution of products and services are happening. Nowadays, the distribution of vaccines is also happening in a full-fledged way to curb out the epidemic as soon as possible. Due to this reason, there has been an expectation of the growth of about 15% in the loans head. Loans such as personal loan, gold loan, car loan, home loan and all the other types of loans are expected to rise more as per the elaboration.


It is also tested and expressed that in March, the efficacy of the collection remained over 90%. On the other side of the coin, the rates are being continuously reduced, and the thing is that in the last year, more than 100 basis points have already been reduced. Either it is the home loan interest rate as, and the speed of the growth in the loans will see a more height.


The customers’ availability of the home loan can use the home loan EMI calculator to better estimate plans. In the same way, there has been estimating tools for the other loan and which will help out to understand the trend.


On the other side of the coin, the procedures for providing the loans are done well; then, there will be fewer chances of losses or bad debt in the time of the pandemic when the losses are much. For example, home loan documents need to be adequately checked to get secured loan procedures from the applicant’s end



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