Yes Bank shares slip 5% in early trade

Yes Bank, which is a private banking company headquartered in Mumbai, stock opened at Rs. 17.31 and fell around 4.9% to hit the day’s low of Rs 17.05 during a session against the last close of Rs 17.94, with only offers and no bids. The stock also hit a high of Rs. 17.59. Yes Bank’s shares were already lower by 4.9% on Tuesday due to the sell-off in the broader market for two days.

Yes Bank share has already lost 9.96 percent in the last 2 consecutive days fall. Share of the private lender, with Rs 2 face value has fallen over 64% percent in one year. At the moment, Yes Bank stock is a lot higher than 100-day moving averages although it is lower than 200-day moving averages. 

It has risen over 17% in a month due to the rise in the private bank index. Sensex and Nifty, on the other hand, have been reaching high records of 3 percent. The market capitalization of the lender was at Rs 42,718.61 crore as of the most recent session. The stock has declined by a shocking 63% since the beginning of the year.

Yes Bank has a Gross Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) of Rs 32,877.59 crore which is 0.00 percent of the total assets and Net Non Performing Assets (Net NPAs) of Rs 8623.78 crore that is 0.00% of total assets.

The key products and revenue segments by Yes Bank Ltd. include discounts and interests on certain bills and advances which contributed Rs 22922.64 Crore to the Sales Value that adds up to around 77.37 % of Total Sales, and Interest which contributed at least Rs 256.11 Crore to Sales Value and is roughly 0.86 % of Total Sales for the financial year that ended on 31-Mar-2019.

Promoters held a 1.42 percent stake during the quarter that ended on March 31st, 2020. Yes Bank, to avoid a collapse, merged with the State Bank of India. on 28th July 2020.





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