Checklist of Documents necessary before Purchasing any Land

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Documents necessary before Purchasing any Land

Documents necessary before Purchasing any Land

Owning a property is important in everybody’s life. However, one should be very cautious while purchasing a plot of land at each print to avoid falling into legal issues. A serious precaution is always needed from the initial steps of deciding on a piece of land until the step of registration.

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A person must check the legal status of the property in advance before making any final confirmation.

  • Before purchasing any property, there are a number of inquiries that a person must confirm the land.
  • The land must have a clear and marketable title.
  • A person must try out to find the tenure and legal rights of the landowner in government records.
  • Tenure of the landowner can be freehold, leasehold, or can be under the government grant.  A person must prefer freehold land.

Here is a checklist of certain documents that are needed to be taken care of while buying the property:


Title Deeds: 

The first thing to be checked is the title deed of the property that is to be purchased. A person must confirm whether the property, to be purchased, is on the name of the seller or not. You should also check whether the rights of selling the property lie with him or not. A person must insist on the seller for the original deed. A person must try to find out all of the undisclosed facts of the land. You must give the original deed to the lawyer to get examined.


Tax receipt and bills:  

Taxes on the property that are paid to the government are the first charges on the property. A person made an inquiry about whether all of the taxes have been paid on time or not. A person must ask about the latest tax paid receipts. You must enquire whether any notice has been issued or is there any outstanding amount, that was left, is paid or not.


In case,  a person does not have any tax receipt you can ask the survey number to the village office with which the original owner of the land can be easily confirmed. 

Encumbrance Certificate:

While purchasing the land, a person must check whether there are any legal dues present or not. You must check the impediment certificate issued by the sub-registrar office where the deed certificate was made.

Pledged land

Some of the people may have taken Loan Against Property the Land by pledging it. You must ensure whether the seller has paid the whole of the loan amount within the tenure period or not.

Release certificate is the major proof that is used by the bank showing that all of the debts are made clear.

Measuring the land

It would be very wise to measure the land before registering it on your name. You can do this with the help of the identified surveyor to avoid problems in the coming future.

It is advised to check all of the documents with the lawyer to ensure their originality.

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