Checklist of Documents necessary before Purchasing any Land

Documents necessary before Purchasing any Land

Documents necessary before Purchasing any Land

It is necessary for everyone’s life to own a house. However, to avoid falling into legal issues, one should be very careful when buying a plot of land at each print. From the initial steps of deciding on a piece of land until the registration stage, serious precautions are often required.

A person must check the legal status of the property in advance before making any final confirmation.

  • There is a range of inquiries that a person has to confirm the land before buying any property.
  • There must be a valid and marketable title to the land.
  • An individual must try to find in government documents the tenure and legal rights of the landowner.
  • The landowner’s tenure may be freehold, leasehold, or maybe under a grant from the government. A person must prefer freehold property.

Here is a checklist of certain documents that are needed to be taken care of while buying the property:

Title Deeds: 

The first thing to be reviewed is the property title deed that is to be bought. An individual must check whether or not the property to be bought is in the seller’s name. You can also verify whether or not the rights to sell the property lie with him. For the original deed, a person must depend on the seller. An individual must try to uncover all of the land’s undisclosed truth. To get checked, you must give the original deed to the lawyer.

Tax receipt and bills:

The first charges on land are taxes on the land payable to the government. A person made an inquiry as to whether or not all taxes were paid on time. An individual must inquire about the latest tax receipts charged. You must ask whether any notice has been given or whether there is any outstanding amount that has been left, is, or is not paying.

If an individual does not have a tax receipt, you can ask the village office for the survey number, which can be easily checked by the original owner of the land.

Encumbrance Certificate:

An individual must check whether there are any legal dues present or not when buying the property. You must check the certificate of impediment issued by the office of the sub-registrar where the deed certificate was created.

Pledged land

Any of the individuals may have taken the land from Loan Against Property by promising it. You must guarantee whether or not the seller has paid the full amount of the loan during the tenure period.

The Release Certificate is the key documentation used by the bank to indicate that all debts are made clear.

Measuring the land

It would be very prudent to weigh the land until your name is registered. To prevent issues in the coming future, you can do this with the aid of the defined surveyor.

To ensure their originality, it is recommended to review all of the documents with the lawyer.

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