ETMONEY Personal Loan

About ETMONEY Personal Loan:

ETMoney Personal LoanThis is an internet-backed company. Now it has announced to lend money to the customers too. But to do so they have done a partnership with RBL Bank. ETMONEY is very popular and has a wide network of 4 million Indian users. It is a company that deals with the mutual funds of the customers. Besides that, it is the largest online platform for mutual funds. It has grown to 20 times in 2018.

It launched CreditLine and got into the lending business. After launching CreditLine it has become the first to offer loans and mutual funds on the same platform. The process of borrowing money always makes you the hassle and full of anxiety. Now working with RBL Bank it made it easier to deal with loans. They simplify the process of borrowing a loan.

This company has combined the benefits of credit cards and personal loans into one platform.

It also offers a scheme on credit cards. Like on the purchase of a credit card there is no interest in the first 50 days. It allows you to transfer money to your account and interest rates start at 14% per annum. You can borrow money starting from Rs. 3000 to 5 Lakhs. Besides that, there are no prepayment charges. They provide you with 24 hours of access. You can get ETMONEY Personal Loan very easily. Moreover, the process to apply for personal is very simple.

Uses of ETMONEY Personal Loan:

  1. You can use this amount of personal loans for educational purposes.
  2. Besides, personal loans can be used for weddings and vacations.
  3. You can use this amount of loan for educational purposes as well.
  4. Home renovation can also be done by using this amount of loan.
  5. You can also use this loan to pay your credit card bills or medical bills.

Features of ETMONEY Personal Loan:

  1. Simple access to personal loans.
  2. 24-hour access to personal loans.
  3. A common platform for mutual funds and home loans.

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Interest Rate 9.99%


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