A Small Mistake Can Cause Of Ruin Your Investments

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All About Investment Mistakes

Investment MistakesDo you remember what you did before buying your first vehicle? It does not matter you the resale value of your vehicle will be lesser than the buying cost. You are investing your efforts, energy and time in an object. Enough knowledge can help you to become a great investor. Move on and know how you can become an expert in the stock market investing. You should choose fundamental investments, which can bring in returns as you have planned.

Truth about investing:

Sometimes, investing on stocks may be successful, but not in the long run. When finance companies offer fixed deposit of 18% interest rates many middle, lower class workers have to come on road crying for their money back. Most of the people do not know where these financial companies invest money received from public and how these are running. Insurance agents, mutual fund brokers, have a large number of schemes to sell. They got their monthly business targets to meet. Investing on the stock market without knowledge is similar to giving knife to a kid.

What could be the reasons that you are not successful investor?

It is a big truth that investing on stocks is very risky as in running any business. A blindly taken decision can make your investment go into pieces. How to avoid the danger to your investment

Sometimes, banks and insurance companies offer the products like highest NAV guaranteed schemes, capital protection schemes and many more structured products. They provide these products without any guarantee to secure your capital investment. These products are very difficult to understand, and they invest in shares and debt tools.

Few questions that help you to become a successful investor

If you are not able to understand anything, then it is wisdom not to invest in that. Investing without understanding the product is the main reason of losing money by investors.


Ask following questions to yourself before investing into the market

1. Is this investment registered with SEBI or any regulating authority?

2. Does this investment suit me?

3. Is this investment matching with my financial goals?

4. Is there, any risk in it and am I comfortable with it?

5. What will be the charges for this scheme?

6. How does this investment help to make money?

History can help you to know how market fluctuations have impacted any stock or mutual fund. A small mistake of a person can ruin his investments.


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