Mortgage Faults

The application of a mortgage is not an easy task. It follows a complex and time-consuming procedure for its approval.


It is a vital event in terms of financial management in everyone’s life. Here are some mistakes that can be avoided:
1. Forgetting to review your credit: It is important to know the credit score before further steps. A bad credit score can increase the percentage of it, interest rates and can also lead to disapproval. The credit must be checked in advance for making any required changes.
2. Opting a new credit alongside the existing mortgage: No other form of credit must be applied during the ongoing process. A greater risk is involved when you apply for a new credit besides a current loan as it can project the interest rate or slay your eligibility to take a loan.

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3. Ignoring the total estimate of housing payment: It is an expense that is made of principal, insurance, taxes, and interest (PITI). The prospective homebuyers make a common mistake by not dispensing their insurance premium and property taxes into the overall mortgage estimate. The eligibility of the borrower can be determined by a DTI ratio (debt to income ratio) for a particular mortgage. It can be evaluated by dividing the proposed budget of PITI by gross monthly income.
4. Improper dressing of valuable assets: The lender will analyze if a person can repay the mortgage every month. If the assets are not seasoned, that is in your account for a few months, luck is not in your favor.

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5. Switching jobs: The stable income and employment are required for approval of the mortgage. Hopping from one job to another before taking a mortgage affects the qualification for the same. The consistent income and less jumping about jobs approve the mortgage.
6. Not seeking a pre-approval: You must pre-approve your finances before buying a home. The lender approves a commitment note, showing seriousness in the purchase of a home, to sellers.
7. Not borrowing from other banks: Sticking to the bank that gives you pre-approval for every kind of finance is not a good plan. It is important to visit the multitude of banks and lenders for the best interest rate with simple terms.
8. Choosing hyper loan plans: The lower rate and foreclosure costs must be chosen, but without compromising your mortgage. It is better sticking to a simple loan program that has steady rates.
9. Skip clasping your rate: The satisfactory mortgage rate must be locked. When it is locked, it is guaranteed for a specific period.
10. Not reading the documentation: It is the task of the borrower to read the terms and conditions. It might seem hectic to go through all the documents while signing, but it is more painful if we go with the terms we don’t want to accept. The documents must be signed with satisfaction.

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Special Note: An individual must examine the whole EMI amount payable to the lender with the Personal loan EMI calculator.


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