Personal Loan for Wedding

personal loan for weddings

A personal loan can be used to fulfill any of your personal needs. It can be your wedding. The wedding is the most special day of your life. Everybody wants to make it very special and memorable. However, a lavish wedding can lead you to meet an extra expense. But still, every couple wants to make it unforgettable.

Moreover, there are so many financial institutions that provide you a Personal Loan for a Wedding.  However, it is important to keep in mind the pros and cons of personal loans for a wedding.

Merits of Personal Loan for Wedding:

  • If you get a loan for the wedding you have to pay monthly EMI’s.  In this way, you do not get any fluctuation in your budget.
  • You don’t have to pay back the loan amount instantly. You will get time to return the loan.
  • The interest rates are affordable in personal loans. Everyone can easily afford them.
  • There is no need for collateral in case of personal loans like you do in other loans.
  • You have a good credit score then you will get a personal loan for your wedding very easily.

HDFC Bank Personal Loan

Private Bank Personal Loan

Demerits of personal loan for the wedding:

  • First of all rates of interest are quite because these are an unsecured loan.
  • Since personal loans are given to fulfill the personal needs of the customers so the amount of the loan is not that high.
  • If you choose to pay EMI’s for a longer time you may have to pay more interest rates. It can be comparable to the principal amount of the loan.

The perfect wedding is everyone’s dream. So it is important to know the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the personal loan for the wedding. After understanding the pros and cons of the wedding loan you are free to make the choice.


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Special Note: An individual must examine the whole EMI amount payable to the lender with the Personal loan EMI calculator.


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