How to Get Personal Loan with Bad CIBIL Score

personal loan with bad CIBIL scoreWe always hear that to get a personal loan we need to have a good CIBIL score. But what if our credit score is not good? Won’t you able to get a personal loan with bad CIBIL score? The answer is no. you can still get a personal loan. First of all, you need to know about your CIBIL score. So let us discuss what a CIBIL is? Basically, CIBIL is a company that deals with your behaviour with the debts. Once you get a loan your CIBIL score gets generated.

There are some ways to get a personal loan with bad CIBIL score.

Apply in Your Home Bank

First of all, if your CIBIL score is not good and you want to apply for a loan then you should apply to your home bank. The home bank is your bank where you do your banking and you are having your personal savings account. The reason after that is they are familiar with you. They may approve your loan easily.


If your CIBIL score is not good but you offer some collateral basically bank needs some security. They want to check whether you are able to return a loan or not.

Choice of Bank

Some banks do not consider only your CIBIL score, they check your overall banking. So if your CIBIL score is bad but your banking is good, you are having good savings than you can get personal loans easily matters when you get Personal Loan with Bad CIBIL Score.


One more option is that if your credit score is not good and you need a personal loan then if you offer some guarantor to the bank so that the bank can trust you. This was all about getting Personal Loan with Bad CIBIL Score

How to Apply

 You can easily apply for a personal loan on the site of Dialabank. You can easily apply for the loan online. The form is very simple and understandable. Besides that, you will get full assistance from our side. For more information, you may call on 60011600.

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