Various types of loan are as follows:

The meaning of Unsecured Loansvarious types of loan

An unsecured loan is not supported by collateral security.  These various types of loans generally depend upon the borrower’s credit rating. This is the reason why such types of loans are tedious to apply for than the regular secured loans. The income of the borrower plays a crucial role here. When a loan is granted, it is not completely based on the credit achievement of the borrower. It is verified and completely dependent upon the overall goodwill of the borrower in the financial market, like the payment of debts.

Assessment criteria for an unsecured loan

We know that unsecured loans are not safeguarded against any asset or property, in case if the borrower fails to comply with the payments on time it becomes very difficult for the lender to get back his money on time. Unsecured loans have a high possibility of risk than the secured loan. Particularly, lenders take note of the borrower’s credit history and record and when and how they have cleared and completed the payments on time.

Purpose of Rate of Interest

The rate of interest that is applied to unsecured loans basically depends upon the risk level and the total amount of the loan. With the increase in the loan amount, you will find a decrease in the rate of interest, and the higher the risk higher would be the rate.

Meaning of Secured Loans

A loan that is supported by security is known as a secured loan. If in any case, the borrower fails to comply with the loan amount, the lenders may take possession of the asset or property collateral to the various types of loans. Here, there is less chance of risk.  The creditor has complete authority over the property and can at any time sell the property or asset. A secured loan is a reprieve for creditors and mostly there is financial jeopardy involved in it because it gives authority to the creditors to take the valuable assets when debt is not repaid. Click here to get an instant personal loan.

Criteria for Secured Loans

As we all know secured loans are loan granted against collateral security, it becomes easy for the lender to get his money or payment on time. He can cover the payments without any loss.  So in case, the borrower defaults payment, there is less risk to bear for the lender. The risk level is low in comparison with unsecured loans.

Rate of interest determination

Secured loans are cheaper than unsecured loans.  The companies verify the credit score of the borrowers and if the needs and requirement of granting such loans are satisfied then the companies can proceed with the loan. High-value collateral and good credit score help you get a very low-interest rate.

Long Term Loans

The loans that are taken for a period of at least three years are termed as long term loans under the definition that is given by the financial bodies. Nevertheless, these types of loans can be for maybe ten or twenty years as well. For any long term loan, a guarantee is required. Security is to be given for getting the loan. The security can be a land, a property, any sort of asset, etc. the rate of interest plays a vital role in the loan process. Based on the requirement there are various types of loans. The amount of loan, the period that is decided for the repayments of the loan, the income of the individual is taken into consideration for calculating the rate of interest.


Long-term loans are for a long period and hence the amount that can be given as loan term loan is large. Under normal circumstances, the rate of interest on long term loans is low as compared to the short term loans.


The total amount of interest that is paid in the case of long-term loans is high even though the rate of interest is low as the period is a long one and interest is paid for the whole period. The various types of loans available have varying rates of interest during the period in which the loan has to be repaid.

Short Term Loans:

As understood by the name, these various types of loans are for a short period of time. They do not have any compulsions as compared to long term loans. Short term loans are taken for payment of regular expenses. The amount that is granted in various types of loan is also a smaller sum is compared with the long term ones.


Short-term loans are available quickly no long procedures are required. No guarantee is required for taking short term loans. As these loans are provided in a short period of time, any sort of immediate expenses can be met. With very few procedures there is also minimal paperwork.


The rate of interest in the case of short term loans is higher as compared to long term loans and they prove to be expensive. Short-term loans are not offered for large amounts which prove to be a disadvantage. As no security is given by the borrower the lender of the loan examines everything about the borrower before lending the various types of loan has to take into consideration every pros and cons.

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