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Personal Loan comes in different forms. The norms are different for those who are salaried and for those who are self employed. Personal Loan self employed is meant for people who are running their own business. They can get financial help from the banks by taking Personal Loan for Self Employed.

If you are running your business for over 3 years, filing income tax return and generating the desired turnover and profit, then you can apply for a Personal Loan. The documentation for Personal Loan Self Employed will be different from salaried. It can also be termed as a Business Loan.

If you want a detailed information, visit the following links:

  1. Personal Loan Interest Rates
  2. Personal Loan Eligibility
  3. Personal Loan Documentation

Below mentioned are the profiles that come under self employed category:

  1. Traders
  2. Manufacturers
  3. Service Providers

These three profiles vary in terms of rules and loan eligibility. Banks and NBFCs check income, turnover, no of years in business, Income Tax Return, Average banking balance to calculate personal loan eligibility. It also differs with respect to the location. If you are having a business related to these profiles, you can easily get a business loan or personal loan for self employed. Sole proprietors and partnership firms, both are eligible for Self Employed Personal Loans.

There are some negative profiles as well like jewellery business, construction, tour and travels, transportation, etc. Banks do not lend to these profiles.

Check your eligibility in 1 minute. Apply online for self employed loan and get expert advice about your eligibility, documentation and Interest Rates. Dialabank is here to get the best loan deal for you.

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