Catholic Syrian Bank Personal Loan Customer Care

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      Catholic Syrian Bank Personal Loan Customer Care

      Catholic Syrian Bank Personal Loan Customer Care Number

      For all its loan customers and other clients, Catholic Syrian Bank has a dependable customer service centre. In general, the Bank has a dispute resolution facility and a telephone banking operation. You may use all of these resources to get answers to your questions or to get solutions to your personal loan-related issues. Catholic Syrian Bank Personal Loan Customer Care is very useful
      In order to lodge a query or raise a question, the Bank’s customer service centre guarantees that you do not have to visit a branch. On their toll-free phone, you can simply make a call to the Bank and get clarification about every commodity.

      Toll-free number: 1800 266 9090

      Email address:

      Catholic Syrian Bank Customer Care Numbers

      City Name Customer Care Number
      Agra 1800 266 9090
      Ahmedabad 1800 266 9090
      Ambala 1800 266 9090
      Bangalore 1800 266 9090
      Bhilai 1800 266 9090
      Chandigarh 1800 266 9090
      Chennai 1800 266 9090
      Cochin 1800 266 9090
      Dehradun 1800 266 9090
      Delhi 1800 266 9090
      Gandhinagar 1800 266 9090
      Ghaziabad 1800 266 9090
      Goa 1800 266 9090
      Greater Noida 1800 266 9090
      Kolkata 1800 266 9090
      Kota 1800 266 9090
      Mumbai 1800 266 9090
      Mussoorie 1800 266 9090
      Nagpur 1800 266 9090
      Udaipur 1800 266 9090
      Vadodara 1800 266 9090
      Varanasi 1800 266 9090
      Vijaywada 1800 266 9090
      Visakhapatnam 1800 266 9090

      Catholic Syrian Bank Personal Loan Customer Care for NRIsCatholic Syrian Bank Personal Loan Customer Care

      NRI customers can also raise and settle their concerns through telephone banking. Catholic Syrian Bank clients living abroad should call the helpline number listed below:

      The number for calling from abroad: +91-422-6612300

      Submitting a Complaint about Catholic Syrian Bank Personal Loan

      • Go to the form for the Complaint Form on the Bank’s official website.
      • Choosing whether or not you are a new bank customer
      • Fill in fields that are applicable to complaints and concerns, such as name, email ID, cell phone.
      • Click ‘Submit’ please.

      Online Assistance for Queries, Feedback or Complaints

      Customers can use the Catholic Syrian Bank Personal Loan customer service by cell phone, by phone and by mail, or by visiting the store in person. Customers should undoubtedly write an email from the website of the Catholic Syrian Bank itself for customer support. To answer any complaints or inquiries, customers can even contact the Bank from their mobile banking account. It is viable to approach the customer service department.

      You can contact Dialabank for any kind of assistance around the clock by calling on 9878981166.

      Grievance Redressal

      • Level 1-
        Suppose customers face any issues or have any complaints about any of the Bank’s products or services, or have to report any fraud or complaint. In that case, they can do so by contacting the customer care department or directly at the Bank’s branch.
      • Level 2-
        If the customers do not get a prompt response or if the response received from the above contact is unsatisfactory, they can escalate their complaint by email to the Customer Support Department Manager at
      • Level 3-
        The next level of advancement is the Nodal Officer of the respective region or the Principal Nodal Officer.
      • Level 4-
        This is the greatest degree of open escalation within the Bank. The clients are prepared to express their questions to the respective department heads of the Bank.

      Principal Nodal Officer Details

      If an issue at the customer support personnel level has not been answered, you can contact the Principal Nodal Officer using the details mentioned below. The first contact point with the Bank and the reference number for the connection should be noted as you do so:

      Jimmy Maliakel
      The CSB Bank Limited
      Head Office, College View
      St. Mary’s College Road,
      Thrissur – 680 020

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