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About DCB Bank Personal Loan

DCB Bank Personal Loan

Are you losing your sleep due to financial problems? You want to send your son to abroad for studies but have no money? Want some cash for the marriage purpose? The Personal Loan will help you in all the aspects. Solve all the financial problems by applying for the Personal Loan.

What do you mean by Personal Loan?

A loan provided to you by banks to solve your financial issues is known as Personal Loan. You can apply for the personal loan to overcome the stress you are facing because of the economic problems. The loan is provided to you by the banks for a specific amount of time. You have the flexibility to use that loan as per your needs. There is no need to keep any collateral in exchange for the loan.
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Information of DCB Bank

  1. DCB stands for Development Credit  Bank, which is a commercial bank.
  2. It is a private sector bank and was founded in 1980s.
  3. The DCB Bank was headquatered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
  4. It has a vast network of 331 branches and 505 ATMs in the whole country.
  5. The services of the bank are ranked at an outstanding rate by the customers.
  6. It is one of the best bank who provides the facilities of the various loans across the country.

Eligibility of the Applicants for DCB Bank Personal Loan

For providing the loan, one should have to come under the eligibility criteria of DCB Bank Personal Loan. There are some rules for the salaried and self-employed applicants which are listed below:

Criteria for Salaried Applicants:

  1. Firstly, the minimum age should be 21 years who want to apply for the DCB Bank Personal Loan, and the maximum age can be of 60 years for the Salaried Applicants.
  2. The minimum income of the metropolitan applicants, should be Rs.18,000 per month.
  3. On the other hand, the minimum income of the non-metropolitan applicants should be Rs.12,000 per month.
  4. The applicant who is applying for the DCB Bank Personal Loan must have the work experience of the last three years.
  5.  It is compulsory that the salary of the applicant should come in a specific bank account.
  6. It is important to have a good credit score. Your credit score should be more than 700.
  7. The bank account statement of the last three months is compulsory for the DCB Bank Personal Loan.
  8. Lastly, the salary slip of the last six months of your current job is also needed when you apply for the DCB Bank Personal Loan.

Criteria for Self Employed Applicants:

  1. The minimum age should be 25 years who want to apply for the DCB Bank Personal Loan, and the maximum age can be of 65 years for the Self Employed Applicants.
  2. ITR process is compulsory it means that if you are applying for the DCB Bank Personal Loan, you should file the ITR from the last three years.
  3. After that, the ITR should be minimum of 2.5 lakhs per annum.
  4. The credit score should be good. It helps you to avail the loan as soon as possible.
  5. The business which the applicant is doing should be running well from the last three years.

DCB Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate

  1. DC Bank Personal Loan provides you with the loan at meagre interest rates as compared in the market.
  2. It depends on your income and the applicant type, i.e. whether you are a salaried, self-employed or a pensioner applicant.
  3. It usually starts at 10.75% per year.

Documents Required for the DCB Bank Personal Loan

The records of the applicants which are required by the Bank are listed below:

  1. As an Identity proof, you can submit your Aadhar card/ Passport/ Voter card/ Driving License. Submit any one of them.
  2. As a Residence proof, you can submit an Aadhar card/ Passport/ Voter Card/ Driving Licence/ Ration card. Submit anyone as residence proof.
  3. In the case, if the applicant is living in a rented house, you have to submit the rental agreement, water and electricity bill.
  4. The two coloured photos of the applicant are also required.
  5. Pan Card is compulsory as it is one of the important document under the formality of KYC.

Loan Tenure of DCB Bank Personal Loan

The tenure of DCB Bank Personal Loan usually starts from 1 year to maximum of 5 years.

The benefits of DCB Bank Personal Loan

  1. This loan is flexible from other loans as you can use it for your personal needs. Any collateral in exchange of loan is not needed in DCB Personal Loan.
  2. The process of documentation is uncomplicated so it can be done easily and you can avail the loan quickly if your documents are correct.
  3. Depending on your credit report, you can get a good amount of loan.
  4. The repay terms of the bank is comfortable. You can easily pay back the loan amount from 1 year to 5 years.
  5. There is a process of quick disbursal if your documents are correct.
  6. You can get the loan amount within 48 hours in  your bank account if you are eligible for the loan.
  7. Third party involvement is not needed as it is a relationship between the borrower and the lender.
  8. With the help of the online loan portals is became easy and convenient to apply for the personal loan.
  9. It is a hassle-free process. In this procedure, you can get the loan in your given bank accounts without stepping out from your home if your documents are accurate.

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Why apply only in Dialabank for Personal Loan?

  1. Dialabank is the first online financial service which has an experience of many years.
  2. With the experience, we provide you with the best offers in the market.
  3. We did not charge any extra fees from you.
  4. We provide you with the instant loan facility if your documentation and eligibility are correct.
  5. We also provide you with a quick customer query. After you filled the form, you will get the call from our Relationship Manager within 24 hours. You can call us for the consultation on 9878981166.

How to apply on Dialabank for Personal Loan?

  1. Firstly visit our website www.dialabank.com.
  2. After that, fill the online application form.
  3. Don’t forget to mention your working contact number. It is mandatory.
  4. Lastly, submit all your documents.

FAQs About DCB Bank Personal Loan

Q. What is DCB Bank Personal Loan?

DCB Bank Personal Loan is an unsecured loan that you can avail to meet any personal or business financial need. You can avail a maximum loan of amount ₹5 lakhs for a tenure ranging from 12 to 60 months. DCB offers term Personal Loan whose repayment can be done in easy monthly EMIs.

Q. How does DCB Bank Personal Loan work?

A Personal Laon is an unsecured loan that does not require you to submit any security with the bank You simply have to submit your documents along with an application form to the bank, upon verification and approval the loan is transferred to your account. You can then use this loan amount to cover all your personal expenses.

Q. What is Personal Loan rate of interest in DCB Bank?

DCB Bank provides Personal Loans with an interest rate between 13%-25% per annum. A processing fee of 2%-3% of the loan amount disbursed is also charged.

Q. How can I get DCB Bank Personal Loan?

Walk into the nearest DCB Bank branch with your documents and contact the loan officer about Personal Loan. Upon submission, verification, and approval of your loan application, the amount will be transferred to your bank account.

Q. How to apply for Personal Loan in DCB Bank?

Apply for a DCB Bank Personal Loan online on the official website of the bank or visit the nearest branch with all your documents. You can also fill an inquiry form at Dialabank’s digital platform to avail of personalized assistance and get the best offers and deals in accordance with your needs.

Q. Why apply for DCB Bank Personal Loan?

DCB offers a wide array of customized financial solutions that suit your requirements. Simplified documentation and quick processing make the loan process breezy. The loan amount can be used to meet a number of your personal financial needs. To learn more about the benefits of Personal Loan, visit Dialabank.

Q. How much EMI on DCB Bank Personal Loan?

You can calculate your EMI for DCB Bank’s Personal Loan using Dialabank’s EMI calculator. All that you need is your loan amount, rate of interest, and loan tenure.

Q. How much CIBIL score required for DCB Bank Personal Loan?

You will need a CIBIL Score in excess of 700 to apply for DCB Bank Personal Loan. A CIBIL score is indicative of your repayment abilities and risk of default.

Q. Minimum credit score needed for DCB Bank Personal Loan?

Being an unsecured loan your credit score is the only way for a bank to make sure of repayments. A credit score in excess of 750 means you have always been regular with your payments and are most likely to not default. DCB Bank requires to have a minimum credit score of 700.

Q. How to calculate DCB Bank Personal Loan EMI?

You can easily use the EMI calculator present on Dialabank’s website to calculate an estimated EMI of your DCB Bank Personal Loan.

Q. What can I use DCB Bank Personal Loan for?

DCB Bank Personal Loan can be used to finance all your needs and expenses. From your wedding to that of a relative’s, home renovation and repair, payments of utility and medical bills, and etc. It is an all-around solution for your every financial need.

Q. Can I prepay DCB Bank Personal Loan?

Yes, you can prepay your DCB Bank Personal Loan after 12 months of your loan disbursement.

Q. How to prepay DCB Bank Personal Loan?

If you have the fund and wish to close your loan before the end of its tenure you can visit your loan branch with all your documents and apply for a foreclosure. You will be required to pay all your outstanding amount and once all the formalities are taken care of your loan will be closed. A foreclosure fee of 5% will be charged.

Q. How to repay DCB Bank Personal Loan?

You can repay your DCB Bank Personal Loan in easy monthly installments (EMIs) that are automatically deducted from your bank account. You can also repay through post-dated cheques.

Q. What documents are needed for DCB Bank Personal Loan?

You will need your basic KYC documents for identity and address verification along with two recent passport-sized photographs. You will also require a bank statement of last 6 months and salary slips as proof of your income. Along with these documents a duly filled in application form shall be submitted with your banker to start the loan process.

Q. How to check DCB Bank Personal Loan status?

You can track your loan application online by visiting the DCB Bank’s website and clicking on the “Track You Loan Application” link in the sidebar menu or you can also visit the branch in person and ask your banker for the same.

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