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      HSBC Personal Loan

      HSBC Personal Loan Key Features – Dec 04 2022

      Eligibility Criteria Details
      Age 21-60 years
      CIBIL Score 750 and above
      HSBC Personal Loan Interest Rate 9.75% p.a.
      Lowest EMI per lakh
      Tenure 12-60 months
      HSBC Personal Loan Processing Fee 1% of the loan amount
      Prepayment Charges nil
      Part Payment Charges 5% within 1 year of tenure, 4% within 2 years, 3% within 3 years, and 2 % after 3 years
      Minimum Loan Amount Rs.50,000/-
      Maximum Loan Amount Rs. 50 lakhs

      HSBC Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

      Eligibility criteria for a personal loan:

      CIBIL score Criteria 750 and above
      Age Criteria 21-60 years
      Min Income Criteria Rs.25,000/-
      Occupation Criteria

      HSBC Personal Loan Documents Required

      Form: Duly filled application form.

      Proof of Identity: Passport copy, driving license, Aadhar card, voter ID card

      Proof of Address: Rental agreement (with a minimum period of 1 year), utility stay, passport (proof of permanent residence), and ration card

      Proof of Income: Income tax return of the last two assessment years, salary slip of the last 6 months, and bank statement of the last 3 months

      HSBC Personal Loan EMI Calculator

      HSBC Personal Loan Compared to Other Banks

      Interest Rate Tenure Loan Amount Processing Fee
      9.75% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 50lakhs


      10.50% to 21.50% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 40 lakh
      Up to 2.50% of the loan amount
      Starting from 12.99% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 25 lakh
      Up to 3.99% of the loan amount
      7.35% to 24% 12 to 60 months Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 15 lakh
      Up to 2% of the loan amount
      Starting from 10.50% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 30 lakh
      Up to 3% of the loan amount
      10.50% to 19.25% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 20 lakh
      Up to 2.25% of the loan amount

      Other Loan Products from HSBC

      • Loan against property
      • Home loans
      • Agriculture loan

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      Dialabank helps you in deciding between the best of the banks by giving you the updated market contrast of several banks so that you can make the right decision. At Dialabank, we have guided thousands of borrowers to take the loan that they want without any hassle and look forward to continuing to doing so. Apply today to get unique details and discounts on HSBC personal loans.

      You can call us on 9878981166 to get an HSBC personal loan.

      How to Calculate EMIs for HSBC Personal Loan

      These are the information that will be required to calculate your HSBC Personal loan EMI: the amount of the loan, the rate of interest, and the loan tenure.

      Enter these values in the calculator below to find your monthly EMIs.

      HSBC Personal Loan Processing Time

      Processing time would tell you the time it would take to process an application under certain situations. For example, it begins on the day we receive the application from the bank and finishes when we choose what loan we want and the amount to get credited.

      HSBC Personal Loan Preclosure Charges

      It comes up to 3.75% of the principal outstanding amount borrowed.

      Pre Calculated EMI for Personal Loan

      5 Yrs
      4 Yrs
      3 Yrs

      Different Offers For HSBC Personal Loans

      Home Loan

      HSBC offers personal loan for a home:

      • Your minimum age should be 21 yrs
      • and Maximum Age should be 60 yrs
      • Regular Income applicants are a must for this loan
      • Earn more than the required monthly income

      Personal Loan for Government Employees

      HSBC offers personal loans to all the Govt. employees. The loan amount depends on the Company in which you are working.

      Education Loan

      • For studying in India, HSBC provide Rs. 10 lakh
      • For studying Abroad, HSBC provides Rs. 20 Lakh

      Personal Loan for Pensioners

      • Processing charge can be asked from the bank by contacting their customer care
      • Very Affordable Interest Rate

      Personal Loan Balance Transfer

      A personal loan balance transfer is a process in which the applicant moves the outstanding principal of the personal loan from one lender to another to gain from better terms such as a lower interest rate on the outstanding loans.

      Personal Loan Top Up

      The top-up loan is only given to customers who already have an existing relationship/account with the bank. The eligibility criteria are pretty essential for the top-up plan. A customer who has taken a loan from the bank, irrespective of the loan type, is eligible for a top-up loan.

      Personal Loan Status

      You can monitor the status of your HSBC personal loan by the following measures:

      • You could also visit the nearest loan branch and ask the bankers also for the same.
      • Log In to the bank’s net banking portal, click on the loans from the top icon and click on enquire to check the status of your personal loan.
      • Search for ‘personal loan status’ on google, click on the first link, which will direct you to the loan status tracker webpage of HSBC and fill in the required information to monitor your loan status.

      How to Apply for HSBC Personal Loan?

      To get a personal loan is very easy; you would have to:

      1. Visit our website and fill in the application form
      2. After which you would get a call from us
      3. Our experts will then guide you throughout the process and tell you about the loan.


      ✅ How to apply for HSBC Personal Loan?

      You can apply for a personal loan with HSBC either by visiting the nearby branch of HSBC or by submitting a simple form with Dialabank. With Dialabank, you get the convenience to apply from anywhere and get quick online approval.

      ✅ What is the Interest Rate for HSBC Personal Loan?

      HSBC charges an interest rate of 9.75% p.a. for their personal loan products.

      ✅ What is the minimum age for getting a Personal Loan from HSBC?

      You must be at least 21 years old to apply for a personal loan with HSBC.

      ✅ What is the maximum age for getting a Personal Loan from HSBC?

      The maximum age for getting a personal loan from HSBC is 60 years.

      ✅ What is the minimum loan amount for HSBC Personal Loan?

      The minimum loan amount for getting a personal loan from HSBC is Rs 50000.

      ✅ What is the maximum loan amount for HSBC Personal Loan?

      HSBC lets you take a maximum loan amount of Rs. 10 lakhs under the personal loan scheme.

      ✅ What are the documents required for HSBC Personal Loan?

      You will require an Aadhaar card/Voter ID, PAN card, salary slips/ITR, and two recently clicked photographs for a personal loan from HSBC.

      ✅ What is the Processing Fee for HSBC Personal Loan?

      HSBC charges a processing fee of up to 1% of the loan amount plus GST for the personal loan.

      ✅ How to get HSBC Personal Loan for Self Employed?

      HSBC provides special offers for self-employed borrowers to aid them economically. However, you will have to show the ITR files of the last three years as your income proof.

      ✅ What is the Maximum Loan Tenure for HSBC Personal Loan?

      The maximum loan tenure period for a personal loan from HSBC is 60 months.

      ✅ What should be the CIBIL Score for HSBC Personal Loan?

      Your CIBIL score must be at least 750 or above for availing of a personal loan from HSBC.

      ✅ Do I have a preapproved offer for HSBC Personal Loan?

      You can check for your preapproved personal loan offers from HSBC with Dialabank. Just fill the form, and we will check out all the offers for you and get back to you to help you choose the best one.

      ✅ How to calculate EMI for HSBC Personal Loan?

      You can use the EMI calculator available at Dialabank’s website to calculate your personal loan EMIs from HSBC.

      ✅ How to pay HSBC Personal Loan EMI?

      Your personal loan EMIs from HSBC are automatically subtracted from your bank account. You can also use the net-banking facility of HSBC for the payment of your personal loan.

      ✅ How to close HSBC Personal Loan?

      You will pay all the outstanding personal loan amount and then contact the branch of HSBC to collect your no dues certificate.

      ✅ How to check HSBC Personal Loan Status?

      You will require to visit the HSBC branch to know the status of your personal loan. Alternatively, visit Dialabank and fill a simple form to let us do the hard work for you.

      ✅ How to close HSBC Personal Loan Online?

      Closing of a personal loan from HSBC includes the following steps:

      • Visit the HSBC net-banking page.
      • Login with your details.
      • Pay your personal loan.
      • Save the transaction receipt.

      ✅ How to pay HSBC Personal Loan EMI Online?

      You can pay EMI through the net-banking services of HSBC. Dialabank allows you to compare offers and deals from different banks to choose the best, low-EMI personal loan. You have to fill a simple form, and we will do the rest for you.

      ✅ How to check Personal Loan Balance in HSBC?

      For checking the personal loan balance in HSBC, you will contact the customer care number of HSBC. However, if you are searching for low-interest personal loans, you must visit Dialabank and fill a simple form for Personal Loan Balance Transfer, and we will do the hard work for you.

      ✅ How to download the HSBC Personal Loan Statement?

      You can download the personal loan statement of HSBC through the mobile banking app of HSBC. In addition, you can visit the online platform of Dialabank and fill a simple form to compare and know about all the offers we have for you.

      ✅ How to Top Up Personal Loan in HSBC Bank?

      If you require a top-up on your personal loan from HSBC, you must visit the bank branch and contact the loan officer. You can also fill a simple form with Dialabank at Personal Loan Top Up and leave the rest to us.

      ✅ What happens if I don’t pay my HSBC Personal Loan EMIs?

      HSBC may charge you with penal interest if you are unable to pay your personal loan EMIs. So instead, apply for a balance transfer through Dialabank to avail of low-interest personal loans.

      ✅ How to find the HSBC Personal Loan account number?

      You will require to contact your HSBC loan branch to know your personal loan account number. Also, fill out the form available at Dialabank and let us do all the work for you.

      ✅ What is the HSBC personal loan closure procedure?

      Visit the bank with the complete set of documents (as mentioned above). You may be required to fill a form or write a letter requesting the Personal Loan account pre-closure. Pay the pre-closure amount. Sign the required documents, if any. Take acknowledgement of the balance amount you have paid.

      ✅ What is HSBC personal loan maximum tenure? 

      The maximum tenure of the HSBC personal loan is 60 months.

      ✅ What is HSBC personal loan minimum tenure? 

      The minimum tenure of the HSBC personal loan is 12 months.

      ✅ What is the HSBC personal loan customer care number?

      The customer care number of HSBC personal loan is 9878981166.

      ✅ What are the HSBC Personal Loan pre-closure charges?

      HSBC gives you the option of pre-closing your loan after a period of a minimum of 12 months of taking the loan and paying 12 successful EMIs on your mortgage. However, HSBC charges a Prepayment or Pre-closure charge. Refer to the table mentioned above.

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