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ICICI Personal Loan Key Features

Eligibility Criteria Details
For salaried – 21 to 58
For self-employed – 21 to 65
Minimum 750 or above
ICICI Personal Loan Interest Rate
9.99% per annum
Additional Interest on Late Repayment 24% p.a.
12 to 60 months
ICICI Personal Loan Processing Fee 1% to 2% of Loan Amount
Prepayment Charges
5% of the loan amount
Part Payment Charges
Allowed after 12 Months (2 – 4 %)
Minimum Loan Amount Rs. 50,000
Maximum Loan Amount Rs. 20 Lakh

Each Feature Explained in Detail Below

Advantages of ICICI Personal Loan

ICICI Personal Loan

ICICI Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for a personal loan are as follows:

CIBIL score Criteria
Excellent score, i.e. 750+
Age Criteria
For salaried – 21 to 58
For self-employed – 21 to 65
Income  Criteria
For salaried – Rs. 30000 per month
For self-employed – Rs. 15 lakhs per year
Number of years in job/ business
Salaried – 2 years
Self-employed – 5 years

ICICI Personal Loan Interest Rate, Fees & Other Charges

Category Details
 ICICI Personal Loan Interest Rate
9.99% Per Annum
 ICICI Personal Loan Processing Charges
1% to 2% of Loan Amount
Prepayment Charges
5% + GST
Stamp Duty
As per state laws
Cheque Bounce Chgs
Rs. 400/chq + GST
Floating Rate of Interest
Not Applicable
Overdue EMI Interest
2% p.m.(on overdue amount)

ICICI Personal Loan Documents Required

Particular Document
Duly filled application form
Proof of Identity

Copy of 

> Passport
> Driving License
> Aadhar Card
> Voter ID Card
Proof of Address
Rent Agreement (Min. 1 year of stay)
Utility Bills
Passport (Proof of permanent residence)
Ration card
Proof of Income
> ITRs: Last two Assessment years
> Salary Slip: Last 6 months
> Bank Statement: Last 3 months

Personal Loan EMI Calculator for ICICI Bank

ICICI Personal Loan Comparison with Other Banks

Bank Interest Rate Tenure Loan Amount & Proc Fee
ICICI Bank 9.99% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 20 lakh / 1% to 2% of Loan Amount
HDFC Bank 11.25% to 21.50% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 40 lakh / Up to 2.50% of the loan amount
Bajaj Finserv Starting from 12.99% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 25 lakh / Up to 3.99% of the loan amount
Axis Bank 15.75% to 24% 12 to 60 months Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 15 lakh / Up to 2% of the loan amount
Citibank Starting from 10.99% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 30 lakh / Up to 3% of the loan amount

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Call us at 9878981166 to avail of ICICI Personal Loan.

How to Calculate EMIs for ICICI Bank Personal Loan

To calculate your EMIs for the ICICI Bank Personal Loan, just enter all the values such as the principal loan amount, tenure in months, and the rate of interest. Enter any extra charges such as prepayment charges and processing fees. The calculator will give you the exact monthly payable amount. This will help you plan your repayment.

ICICI Personal Loan Processing Time

Your ICICI Bank Personal Loan takes about half a month to be processed and disbursed. However, if you are already a customer and your personal loan is preapproved or applied online, your loan can be processed in seconds. The bank charges a processing fee of just 2.25% of the loan amount + GST.

ICICI Personal Loan Preclosure charges

Prepayment means repaying a part of your loan before the tenure ends, while foreclosure means repaying your entire loan amount lump sum before the tenure ends. ICICI Bank allows you to prepay or foreclose your personal loan after payment of 6 EMIs with a foreclosure charge of 5% of the outstanding loan amount.

Pre Calculated EMI for Personal Loan

5 Yrs
4 Yrs
3 Yrs

ICICI Personal Loan for Salaried Employees

ICICI offers personal loans for Salaried employees at attractive interest rates. The employees need to have a minimum net income of Rs. 30000 per month and should be employed for at least 2 years in total and for 1 year in the existing job. The personal loan offers easy repayment options, thus enabling the salaried employees to fulfill any of their personal requirements without them becoming a burden on their finance.

ICICI Personal Loan for Self Employed Individuals

ICICI Bank Personal Loan for Self Employed is a loan product to the self-employed professionals for a tenure of 1 year to 5 years. The applicants should be aged between 21 to 65 years and should have a minimum annual turnover of Rs. 15 lakhs. Self-employed professionals also have to submit more documents than Salaried employees, but they can avail of a loan amount up to Rs. 20 lakhs. Thus, a personal loan is very useful for them.

Different Personal Loan offers by ICICI Bank

ICICI Doctor Loan

ICICI Bank offers special personal loans to doctors. Doctors can avail of a personal loan from the age of 25 years as opposed to 28 years for other self-employed professionals, and the business stability for doctors should be only for 3 years as opposed to 5 years for others. Doctors can avail of this loan as a solution for any of their financial problems and emergencies.

ICICI Marriage Loan

ICICI offers Personal Loan for Marriage to people who need to pay for any wedding-related expenses or any wedding functions. This personal loan for marriage can be used for anything and helps you fund a wedding without it being a burden on your financial condition. The loan, if preapproved, can be disbursed on the same day. You can apply for it online.

ICICI Personal Loan for Government Employees

ICICI Personal Loan for Government Employees is very useful for people working in government agencies and are offered at low-interest rates, starting at just 9.99% per annum. These loans can be availed of with other special offers and a quick disbursal. The bank does not charge any processing fee in case a loan is availed of by the Defence Personnel. This loan can be applied for online through Dialabank or in person by visiting the nearest bank branch.

ICICI Personal Loan for Pensioners

The ICICI Personal Loan for Pensioners can be availed of by retired employees of the Central Government, State Government, and Defence Forces. The bank offers many attractive features when it comes to Personal Loan for Pensioners such as:

  • Minimum Pension Amount – 25000
  • 50% of extra income (FD interest rental income, etc.) can be counted as Actual Income
  • Low-interest rates
  • Tenure starting from 12 months

ICICI Personal Loan Balance Transfer

Personal Loan Balance Transfer refers to a process where you shift your entire outstanding personal loan amount from one lending institution to another. You can avail of this option if the repayment in the current personal loan terms is becoming a burden for you and some other lender is charging you lower interest rates and offering some other features as well. To transfer your loan balance, you will just have to pay the foreclosure fee to the existing lender (only on fixed interest rates) as well as the processing fee to the new lender.

The process of balance transfer with ICICI bank is extremely easy.

ICICI Personal Loan Top Up

You can avail of the personal loan top up facility from ICICI Bank if you want to borrow an additional loan amount after the tenure ends. The top-up facility can easily be applied for if you were regular in your EMI Payment. ICICI Personal Loan top-up can be availed of with quick disbursal and no collateral requirement for a maximum amount equal to the original loan amount.

How to Apply Online for ICICI Bank Personal Loan?

To apply for an ICICI Bank Personal Loan online, you can visit its online portal or download its mobile app. To apply through Dialabank:

  1. Visit our Dialabank.
  2. Click on the personal loan option on the menu.
  3. Fill up the form with your details.
  4. We will shortlist offers for you and mail them to you.
  5. We will then call you and assist you further.
  6. Thus, you can avail of the best personal loan offer in record time.

ICICI Personal Loan Status

To check the status of your ICICI Bank Personal Loan, you can:

  • Visit the bank branch personally where you had applied for the loan and give the loan officer your loan application details
  • Visit the website of ICICI Bank and fill in your loan details.
  • Send your loan details to the bank via email.
  • Through the I-mobile app of the bank
  • These methods enable you to track your loan status easily.

FAQs About ICICI Personal Loan

✅ How to apply for ICICI Personal Loan?

There are multiple ways to apply for ICICI personal loan:

  • Visit the nearest ICICI Bank branch.
  • Apply online on the ICICI Bank website.
  • Choose the smartest way by applying with Dialabank.

Dialabank gives you the lowest rates and the best deals for your financial needs.

✅ What is the Interest Rate for ICICI Personal Loan?

The rate of interest in ICICI for personal loans is 9.99% per annum.

✅ What is the minimum age for getting a Personal Loan from ICICI?

The minimum age required for a personal loan from ICICI is 21 years old.

✅ What is the maximum age for getting a Personal Loan from ICICI?

The maximum age allowed for ICICI personal loan products is 65.

✅ What is the minimum loan amount for ICICI Personal Loan?

The minimum loan amount for a personal loan from ICICI is Rs 50,000.  

✅ What is the maximum loan amount for ICICI Personal Loan?

ICICI lets you borrow a maximum loan amount of Rs. 20 lakhs under the various personal loan schemes.

✅ What are the documents required for ICICI Personal Loan?

You will need your Aadhaar card/Voter ID, PAN card, salary slips/ITRs as income proof, and two recent passport-sized photographs for a personal loan from ICICI.

✅ What is the Processing Fee for ICICI Personal Loan?

ICICI charges a processing fee of 1% to 2% of the Loan Amount for personal loans.

✅ How to get ICICI Personal Loan for Self Employed?

ICICI has special offers for self-employed individuals that may need money for their personal expenses. The tenure ranges from 12 to 60 months. Dialabank provides you with convenient loan options and acts as your friendly financial advisor. 

✅ What is the Maximum Loan Tenure for ICICI Personal Loan?

The maximum tenure period for ICICI personal loan is 60 months.

✅ What should be the CIBIL Score for ICICI Personal Loan?

You will need a minimum CIBIL score of 750 or above to avail of an ICICI personal loan.

✅ Do I have a preapproved offer for ICICI Personal Loan?

You can check for your preapproved personal loan offers from ICICI through Dialabank. All you have to do is fill a form, and we will contact you with the best offers as per your needs. 

✅ How to calculate EMI for ICICI Personal Loan?

You can use Dialabanks EMI calculator to calculate your ICICI personal loan EMIs.

✅ How to pay ICICI Personal Loan EMI?

You can pay your ICICI personal loan EMIs through a number of options:

  • Direct deduction from your bank account through ECS.
  • Net-banking and online payment services of ICICI.

✅ How to close ICICI Personal Loan?

To close a personal loan from ICICI, you will have to pay all your outstanding loan amount and then collect the payment receipt and no dues certificate for future reference.

✅ How to check the ICICI Personal Loan Status?

You can check your personal loan status by contacting the ICICI Bank on their customer care number or through the ICICI Bank website. You can also contact Dialabank and let us handle all your financial worries.

✅ How to close ICICI Personal Loan Online?

To close a personal loan from ICICI online, follow these steps:

  • Visit the online payment page of the ICICI website.
  • Log in using your loan account credentials.
  • Pay all the due amount for your personal loan and save the transaction receipt.
  • Visit the branch and take a no dues certificate using your payment receipt. 

✅ How to pay ICICI Personal Loan EMI Online?

Your personal loan EMIs can be paid using the different online and mobile banking services of ICICI. Dialabank helps you choose the best and the lowest EMI personal loan available. You just have to fill in a simple form, and we do the rest for you.

✅ How to check Personal Loan Balance in ICICI?

To check the personal loan balance in ICICI, you will have to contact the bank’s customer care number or visit the nearest branch in-person. You can also visit Dialabank to avail the lowest interest personal loans and fill a simple form for Personal Loan Balance Transfer to reduce your EMI burden.

✅ How to download ICICI Personal Loan Statement?

To download the personal loan statement of ICICI, you can use the ICICI mobile banking app. You can also fill a form on Dialabank to compare all the personal loan offers for your needs.

✅ How to Top Up Personal Loan in ICICI?

To get a top-up on your personal loan from ICICI, you will have to visit the ICICI branch in-person. You can alternatively fill a simple form with Dialabank and get a Personal Loan Top Up.

✅ What happens if I don’t pay my ICICI Personal Loan EMIs?

ICICI charges a penal interest of 2% per month on your outstanding loan amount if you do not pay your personal loan EMIs. 

✅ How to find the ICICI Personal Loan account number?

You can find your ICICI personal loan account number by contacting your loan branch. You can also fill a form on Dialabank and leave all the hard work to us.