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      Rates as low as 9.99%*
      Loans Up to 30 Lacs
      Same Day Disbursal
      Doorstep Service
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      Manappuram Personal Loan Key Features Jan 2021

      Eligibility Criteria Details
      Age 23-60 yrs (at loan maturity)
      CIBIL Score 750
      Manappuram Personal Loan Interest Rate 9.99% p.a.
      Lowest EMI per lakh NIL
      Tenure 12 to 60 months
      Manappuram Personal Loan Processing Fee  1% of the loan amount
      Prepayment Charges 4% of the sum
      Part Payment Charges NIL
      Minimum Loan Amount Rs. 50,000
      Maximum Loan Amount Rs. 5 lakh

      Each Feature Explained in Detail Below

      Manappuram Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

      Eligibility criteria for a personal loan:

      CIBIL score criteria 750
      Age criteria 23-60 yrs(at loan maturity)
      Min Income criteria Rs. 20,000
      Occupation criteria Salaried/Self-Employed

      Manappuram Personal Loan Interest Rate and Charges

      Manappuram Personal Loan Interest Rate 9.99% p.a.
      Manappuram Personal Loan Processing Charges 1% of the loan amount
      Prepayment Charges 4% of the sum
      Stamp Duty As per laws
      Cheque Bounce Charges NIL
      Penal Interest NIL
      Floating Rate of Interest NIL

      Manappuram Personal Loan Documents Required

      Form Duly filled application form
      Proof of Identity Copy of:
      > Passport
      > Driving License
      > Aadhar Card
      > Voter ID Card
      Proof of Address Rent Agreement (Min. 1 year of stay)
      Utility Bills
      Passport (Proof of permanent residence)
      Ration card
      Proof of Income > ITR: Last two Assessment years
      > Salary Slip: Last 6 months
      > Bank Statement: Last 3 months

      Manappuram Personal Loan EMI Calculator

      EMI Calculator.

      Manappuram Personal Loan Compared to Other Banks

      Particulars Manappuram HDFC Bank Bajaj Finserv Axis Bank Citibank ICICI Bank
      Interest Rate 9.99% 11.25% to 21.50% Starting from 12.99% 15.75% to 24% Starting from 10.99% 11.50% to 19.25%
      Tenure 12 to 60 months 12 to 60 months 12 to 60 months 12 to 60 months 12 to 60 months 12 to 60 months
      Loan amount Up to Rs. 5 lakh Up to Rs. 40 lakh Up to Rs. 25 lakh Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 15 lakh Up to Rs. 30 lakh Up to Rs. 20 lakh
      Processing Fee 1%-2% Up to 2.50% of the loan amount Up to 3.99% of the loan amount Up to 2% of the loan amount Up to 3% of the loan amount Up to 2.25% of the loan amount

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      Why should you apply for Manappuram Personal Loan with Dialabank?

      Dialabank is a good reputation bank. It provides the best and fast services all over the country. If you apply for Manappuram’s Personal Loan with Dialabank, you will get your loan approval faster.

      How to Calculate EMIs for Manappuram Personal Loan

      The information is required to calculate the Manappuram personal loan EMI payment:

      1. Loan Amount
      2. Interest Rate
      3. Loan Tenure

      Put these values in the calculator on the website and find your monthly EMIs.

      EMI calculator.

      Manappuram Personal Loan Processing Time

      Manappuram’s Personal Loan Processing Time is the time taken for the loan application approval. The processing time for this bank is 24 hours.

      Manappuram Personal Loan Preclosure charges

      Manappuram’s Personal Loan Preclosure is the loan amount repayment before time. It is beneficial for you to repay your loan amount before time. It helps reduce the interest rate of your loan.

      Manappuram personal loan foreclosure charges

      A charge of 2.5% + GST will be levied on any prepayment amount that is over 25% of the principal due.

      Pre Calculated EMI for Personal Loan

      Rate 5 Yrs 4 Yrs 3 Yrs
      10.50% 2149 2560 3250
      11.00% 2174 2584 3273
      11.50% 2199 2608 3297
      12.00% 2224 2633 3321
      12.50% 2249 2658 3345
      13.00% 2275 2682 3369
      13.50% 2300 2707 3393
      14.00% 2326 2732 3417
      14.50% 2352 2757 3442
      15.00% 2378 2783 3466

      Different Personal Loan offers by Manappuram

      Manappuram Marriage  Loan                 

      There is no provision of a marriage loan in Manappuram’s Personal Loan.

      Manappuram Personal Loan for Government Employees

      • Manappuram provides a personal loan to Government Employees.
      • The loan amount is dependent on the company that you are in.

      Manappuram Personal Loan to Salaried Doctors.

      • Manappuram’s Personal Loan provides a loan to Salaried Doctors.
      • You can avail up to Rs. 5 lakh.

      Manappuram Personal Loan for Pensioners

      Manappuram has no provision for a personal loan to pensioners.

      Manappuram Personal Loan Balance Transfer

      Manappuram’s Personal Loan Balance Transfer is the shifting of the loan amount from one foundation to another. Balance transfer lowers the interest rate of your personal loan.

      Manappuram Personal Loan Top Up

      Manappuram’s Personal Loan Top Up is the supplementary loan amount that is added to your recent loan amount. It helps in lowering the interest rate of your loan.

      Manappuram Personal Loan Overdraft Facility

      An individual overdraft is a credit office that permits you to pull out a sum as and when required. You can likewise reimburse the removed sum whenever the timing is ideal. Consequently, it is perhaps the most favored credit choices that benefited to meet changing individual subsidizing necessities unbounded.

      Apply for an overdraft office as a Manappuram Bank Personal Loan. The adaptable advance office has all the important highlights of an unstable overdraft credit.

      Types of Manappuram Personal Loan

      Home renovation loan

      Manappuram provides individuals who plan to renovate their homes with a home improvement loan. This personal loan can fund critical repairs or allow the borrower to purchase new furniture, fixtures, and furniture for the house. Four of the Manappuram Home Renovation Loan’s major features are:

      • The Home Renovation Loan of Manappuram’s interest rate starts at as low as 11.25%.
      • Individuals will be liable to renew their homes with a loan of up to Rs. 20 Lakh.
      • Manappuram’s home improvement loan needs minimum paperwork to free up the whole credit process.
      • Usually, within 72 hours after the bank accepts the applications, the loan balance will be credited to the account.

      Holiday loan

      The holiday loan from Manappuram will help you budget for your dream vacation with limited difficulties. Several holiday-related expenses will be funded by this personal loan from Manappuram, including the booking of flight fares, hotel accommodation, guided tours, etc. The Manappuram Holiday Loan’s key features are:

      • Interest rates on holiday loans starting at 11.25 percent p.a.
      • You should use up to Rs 20 Lakh easily so that a financial crunch would not spoil your perfect vacation
      • Simplified and limited paperwork means fast and easy funding for your holiday.
      • Quick processing of the loan directly credited to your account and disbursement

      Fresher funding

      Most unsecured personal loans are meant for individuals with a daily income, while the Fresher Funding of Manappuram is distinct. The loan option provided by Manappuram is intended to help refreshers, i.e. recent graduates searching for their first job. Few of Manappuram Fresher Personal Loan Funding’s main features are as follows:

      • Up to Rs 1.5 lakh loan
      • A candidate must be 21 years of age or older.
      • The interest rate for Fresher Funding depends on the applicant’s profile, credit history/score, applicant’s age, and place.

      NRI Personal Loan

      Knowing the wishes and desires of NRIs, Manappuram provides NRIs directly with a personal loan. An Indian resident must be the main loan borrower, and a close relative must be the NRI co-applicant. The Personal Loan includes the following features for NRIs:

      • Manappuram offers NRIs with adjustable end-use personal loans of up to Rs. 10 lakh.
      • NRI Personal Loan interest rates launch at 15.49 percent p.a.
      • Up to 36 months is the term of the loan.

      Manappuram Personal Loan Status

      Manappuram’s Personal Loan Status can be checked from the bank’s website. All information regarding the personal loan is given on the website.

      How to Apply for Manappuram Personal Loan?

      Manappuram Personal Loan


      To avail of a personal loan, the steps to be followed are given below:

      1. Visit Dialabank and fill the application form.
      2. Our representative will call you.
      3. Our representative will guide you about the whole procedure and tell you the details of the loan.

      The personal loan verification process

      Following the online submission of your loan application to DialaBank, the following are the principal stages of the personal loan authentication process. 

      Stage 1. DialaBank will forward to your chosen lender your loan application, and you will usually get a call from the representative of the lender within 48 hours. 

      Stage 2. The possible lender can arrange for your KYC documents, salaries, etc. to be collected or provide an opportunity to upload them online. To confirm your submission, these documents will be used. 

      Stage 3. You will get another call to confirm the loan bid and seek your permission for disbursement if the lender’s verification has been fulfilled and your loan has been approved. 

      Stage 4. The loan is normally disbursed within 48 hours of the loan’s acceptance and adequate verification. 

      Note: The timeframe for verification/disbursement of personal loans, as stated above, can vary based on the internal criteria of the lender, as well as other parameters.

      Check your Manappuram Personal Loan application Status

      The process for checking your application’s status requires the following steps:

      • Visit the official website of Manappuram, click on ‘Products’, and select ‘Personal Loans.’
      • Click ‘More and choose’ Review Loan Application Status.’ on the next tab that opens below.
      • Firstly, by submitting details such as your contact number, date of birth, and either entering the OTP you get on your mobile number or using your application number, you can check your application status.

      How to login in Manappuram portal

      • Visit the Official Website of Manappuram.
      • In the upper right corner of the screen, press the ‘Login’ button.
      • Using your user ID and password or your registered cell phone number to log in.

      How to Check Your Loan Statement

      By taking the following steps, customers can download the bank’s loan statement:

      • Visit the official website of the bank.
      • Tap ‘Get in touch’ and click ‘Requests for help’ from the drop-down column.
      • On the next page that opens, pick ‘Personal Loan Related’ under the ‘Loans’ menu.
      • Next, press the ‘Loan Account Statement Order’ button.
      • To make use of the bank’s loan statement, log in using your user ID and password or using your registered cell phone number and OTP.

      Manappuram Personal Loan Restructuring (COVID-19)

      Many borrowers have been adversely affected by the national lockout due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and a six-month moratorium on various term loans has been declared to some degree to minimize its impact. Manappuram announced an RBI-mandated one-time gain from the Manappuram loan restructuring after the six-month moratorium was terminated. This mechanism aims at providing continued relief to borrowers who are still unable to repay their daily EMI due to the ongoing financial distress of the pandemic.

      To minimize the monthly EMI payments, the loan settlement scheme implemented by Manappuram provides for an extended moratorium of up to 2 years or an extension of the current period of maturity. It is necessary to bear in mind, of course, that the restructuring of the loan by Bajaj Finance employees would result in additional interest rates exceeding those applicable to the initial loan. Using this relief method only as a last resort is also necessary so that the unpaid loan does not end up defaulting.

      Manappuram Customer Care

      Customers can approach Manappuram’s Customer Support via any of the following means:

      By phone: You can call Manappuram on 1800 420 2233 (toll-free) 

      Callback order: You can also make a return call by accessing the bank’s website. 

      Online Chatbot: You can even have an apple Chatbot online to answer your questions. 

      Visit Branch: To obtain your requests, visit the nearest Manappuram branch.

      Benefits of Applying for Personal Loan on Dialabank

      On the DialaBank website, there are many drawbacks to applying for a personal loan. Below, some of these are given: 

      • 24 x 7 Accessibility: You can reach the DialaBank website anywhere, wherever and even apply at any time for a personal loan from the comfort of your home or office. 
      • Multiple lenders on a single platform:  com helps you to view personal loan offers on a single platform from multiple prospective lenders, avoiding the need to visit multiple bank websites or branches. 
      • Know EMI instantly: on, use the personal loan EMI calculator, and you can check the EMIs that you are going to pay for on a personal loan right before applying for one. It can allow you to borrow the amount you need, which you will repay easily and have a stable payment schedule. 
      • Free of charge: Besides, when applying for a personal loan on, you are not required to incur any fees.

      Important Aspects

      Below are some important items you need to note when applying to Manappuram for a personal loan:

      • It is still a smart thing to review your credit report before applying for a personal loan. A decent credit score increases the chances of accepting the loan and will make it possible for you to use a personal loan on more desirable conditions.
      • It is advisable to compare the expense of a personal loan (interest rates and all associated charges) issued by various lenders on before finalizing on a particular lender.
      • As per your wishes and ability to repay, borrow. Avoid borrowing only because you have the right to borrow a bigger amount. It will just add to the interest rate and will have no long-term advantages.
      • Avoid applying for individual loans concurrently with many lenders. It reveals that you are credit-hungry and therefore increases the amount of demanding credit report requests that can negatively impact your credit score.

      FAQs About Manappuram Personal Loan

      ✅ How to apply for Manappuram Personal Loan?

      There are a pair of methods for the Manappuram Personal Loan application. Initially, you can hit the nearby office of Manappuram. Besides, you can fill a form and present it with Dialabank. Your work can get simpler while applying through Dialabank.

      ✅ What is the Interest Rate of Manappuram Personal Loan?

      The Manappuram Personal Loan interest rate is 9.99% p.a.

      ✅ What is the minimum age for getting a Personal Loan from Manappuram?

      For availing of a personal loan, there is an eligibility criterion of age. The minimum age for getting a Personal Loan from Manappuram is 23 yrs.

      ✅ What is the maximum age for getting a Personal Loan from Manappuram?

      To be fit for a personal loan, you need to have some age border. So, the supreme age for receiving a Personal Loan from Manappuram is 60 years.

      ✅ What is the minimum loan amount for Manappuram Personal Loan?

      The loan amount varies from bank to bank. Applying for a personal loan, Manappuram offers a minimum loan amount of Rs. 50,000 for a personal loan.

      ✅ What is the maximum loan amount for Manappuram Personal Loan?

      Every bank has a limit on the loan amount. For Manappuram, you can avail of Rs. 5 lakh maximum loan amount for a personal loan.

      ✅ What are the documents required for Manappuram Personal Loan?

      The documents required for Manappuram’s Personal Loan are an Aadhaar card, driving license, voter ID, PAN card, salary certificate and form number 16, bank statement of last 6 months, ITR file of 2 financial years as income proof.

      ✅ What is the Processing Fee for Manappuram Personal Loan?

      The processing fee depends on the loan amount, type of loan. For Manappuram’s Personal Loan, the processing fee is 1% of the loan amount plus GST.

      ✅ How to get Manappuram Personal Loan for Self Employed?

      Manappuram provides offers to Self Employed to aid them financially. You must have the ITR files for the last two financial years.

      ✅ What is the Maximum Loan Tenure for Manappuram Personal Loan?

      The loan tenure is the time duration in which you repay the loan amount. For Manappuram’s Personal Loan, the maximum loan tenure is 60 months.

      ✅ What should be the CIBIL Score for Manappuram’s Personal Loan?

      The CIBIL score is the major factor for approving your personal loan processing. If you have a good CIBIL score, you will get a personal loan easily. So, make sure you have a good CIBIL score. For availing of a personal loan from Manappuram, the CIBIL score should be 750 and above.

      ✅ Do I have a preapproved offer for Manappuram’s Personal Loan?

      You can examine your personal loan preapproved offers from Manappuram with Dialabank. You just fill a simple form and we will check out the best-suited offers for you.

      ✅ How to calculate EMI for Manappuram Personal Loan?

      You can calculate your personal loan EMI of Manappuram through the EMI calculator accessible at Dialabank’s website.

      ✅ How to pay Manappuram Personal Loan EMI?

      Your personal loan EMIs deduct automatically from your bank account for Manappuram. You also can use the net-banking facility to pay your personal loan EMIs.

      ✅ How to close Manappuram Personal Loan?

      You must clear your outstanding personal loan amount and then collect your no dues certificate by contact with the Manappuram branch.

      ✅ How to check Manappuram Personal Loan Status?

      You have to visit the Manappuram branch to know your personal loan status. On the other hand, you can visit Dialabank and fill the form to allow us to do work for you.

      ✅ How to close Manappuram Personal Loan Online?

      You have to follow the following instructions for closing your Manappuram’s personal loan online:

      • Visit the Manappuram net banking page.
      • Visit Manappuram personal loan login page.
      • Pay for your personal loan.
      • Save the transaction receipt.

      ✅ How to pay Manappuram Personal Loan EMI Online?

      You can pay your personal loan EMI using the internet banking of Manappuram. Dialabank will help you in comparing the offers and deals of different banks so that you can choose the best, low-EMI personal loan. You have to fill a form and Dialabank will provide you with the best service.

      ✅ How to check Personal Loan Balance in Manappuram?

      You require to talk to the consumer care number of Manappuram to tick out your loan perspective. If you are seeking low-interest personal loans, you must hit Dialabank and fill an uncomplicated form for Personal Loan Balance Transfer.

      ✅ How to download Manappuram Personal Loan Statement?

      Using Manappuram mobile banking app for downloading the personal loan statement of Manappuram. You can visit Dialabank’s website and fill a form for comparing the offers that we have for you.

      ✅ How to Top Up Personal Loan in Manappuram? 

      You will visit the bank branch and contact the loan officer if you need a top-up of your personal loan from Manappuram. You can also fill the form with Dialabank at Personal Loan Top Up and the rest will do by us.

      ✅ What happens if I don’t pay my Manappuram Personal Loan EMIs?

      Manappuram charges a penal interest if you don’t pay your personal loan EMIs. With Dialabank, you can apply for a balance transfer that can avail of low-interest personal loans.

      ✅ How to find the Manappuram Personal Loan account number?

      You can contact your Manappuram branch and know your account number. You just fill the form available at Dialabank.

      ✅What is the Manappuram personal loan pre-closure charges?

      Manappuram’s Personal Loan Preclosure is the loan amount repayment before time. It is beneficial for you to repay your loan amount before time. It helps reduce the interest rate of your loan.

      ✅What is the Manappuram personal loan closure procedure?

      1. Visit the bank with the complete set of documents (as mentioned above).
      2. You may be required to fill a form or write a letter requesting pre-closure of the Personal Loan account.
      3. Pay the pre-closure amount.
      4. Sign the required documents, if any.
      5. Take acknowledgment of the balance amount you have paid.

      ✅What is the Manappuram personal loan foreclosure charges?

      A charge of 2.5% + GST will be levied on any prepayment amount that is over 25% of the principal due.

      What is the Manappuram Personal Loan Overdraft Facility?

      An individual overdraft is a credit office that permits you to pull out a sum as and when required. You can likewise reimburse the removed sum whenever the timing is ideal.

      ✅What is the Manappuram personal loan customer care contact number?

      9878981166 is the Manappuram Personal Loan customer care number or the contact number for Manappuram Personal Loan details.


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