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      Personal Loan Arsikere

      Personal Loan Arsikere Features

      personal loan arsikere

      A personal loan is all about getting funds as quickly as possible. Therefore, this loan is the most demandable in India. As this loan is multipurpose, hence can be used in many situations like weddings, vacations, paying bills, buy new things, debt consolidation, etc. Before you apply, look at some main points of a personal loan:

      1. The amount of loan availed depends on the incurring salary of the customer.
      2. Personal Loan Arsikere is a multidimensional loan and could be used for various purposes by an individual.
      3. No need to put any property or asset as collateral to the lender.
      4. No co-signer is needed for Personal Loan Arsikere.

      Eligibility Criteria for Personal Loan Arsikere

      You can check your personal loan eligibility by clicking on the link. 


      1. Minimum age: 21 years of age
      2. Maximum age: 60 years of age
      3. Net monthly income:  18,000 INR
      4. Minimum Experience:6 months in the current job. * In the case of Super A company, minimum experience in the current job required is 3 months.
      5. Total experience required: 1 year

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      1. Minimum age: 25 years.
      2. Maximum age: 65 years.
      3. Minimum annual turnover: Rs. 20 lakh
      4. Experience in current business: 3 years
      5. Total experience in business: 5 years

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      Personal Loan Arsikere Documents

      List of documents for Personal Loan Arsikere (salaried)

      1. ID proofs- PAN card/Aadhar card/Passport/Driving License/Employee ID
      2. Address proofs mention- Bank passbook/Ration card/any Utility bill (telephone, electricity, water, gas) of less than 2 months old/Letter from a recognized public authority verifying the customer’s residence/LIC policy or receipt.
      3. Proof of ownership- Electricity or water bill/property papers/maintenance bill
      4. Current job proof: Current employment certificate or appointment letter (in case of more than 2 years)

      List of documents for Personal Loan Arsikere (Self-employment/business)

      1.  Proof of business existence-Sales deed or agreement/Saral copy of 3 years old/tax registration proof/Company registration license
      2. Proof of Income- Income tax returns of the last 2 years along with computation of income duly attested by a CA (chartered accountant)/audited balance sheet and Profit & Loss accounts/tax audit report if applicable/Bank statement: Latest 1 year bank statement (both savings and current)/Investment proof: fixed deposit, fixed assets, shares, etc.
      3. The need for a professional Degree Certificate (in the case of professionals)
      4. If any existing loan in the past- Need to submit sanction letter, payment track record.

      Personal Loan Arsikere Interest Rates

      Start at 9.99% and change according to bank/NBFCs. It also depends on your salary package.

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      Some factors you should know which affect personal loan interest rates:

      1. Flexible loan tenures:  The major benefit of flexible loan tenure is changing the interest rate according to our suitability.
      2. CIBIL score: There are chances that loan seekers may get a 0.25% reduction in interest rates if their CIBIL score is more than 800.
      3. Reputed firms: if the borrowers work at reputed firms, then there are chances that they may obtain a lower interest rate. This is because lending institutions perceive such individuals to have a stable career, thus making them more likely to make repayments on time.
      4. A good relationship with a bank:  It affects very much to interest rates. Banks provide lower interest rates to loyal customers with whom they have a good relationship.
      5. High salary: Individuals with higher incomes have the most likely chances of repaying the loan. A stable income makes more chances of sanctioning the loan. Bankers usually reject loan applicants of those persons who do not have a consistent flow of income.

      Personal Loan Arsikere EMI Calculator

      Click here for the personal loan EMI calculator

      5 Yrs
      4 Yrs
      3 Yrs

      Benefits of Personal Loan Arsikere:

      1. A Loan without any security: Banks don’t ask for any security or collateral. So, there is no need for depositing collateral or security.
      2. Simple Documentation: You can get it with minimum documentation with a quick process. Banks need some basic documents like identity proof, address proof, income proof, etc.
      3. The amount can be ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 20 lakh.
      4. Fast Loan Approval: It is easily sanctioned within 48-72 hours without any hassle. After getting the documents, the loan will get disbursed within 24 hours of verification.
      5. Multipurpose: Personal loans can be used for various purposes, i.e. paying bills, holidays, weddings, buying new land etc.
      6. No Third-party: It is a relationship between the borrower and the lender. The loan is directly given to the customer without the involvement of a third party.
      7. Most convenient: Online loan portals have made it more hassle-free and easy. You can get the loan amount in your account without stepping out of your home.

      Why Dialabank is the best option?

      1. Lowest interest rates
      2. Instant Approval in 2 hours
      3. Easy Documentation and flexible loan tenure
      4. Get a dedicated helpline for your loan enquires

      Personal Loan Arasikere Apply Online?

      1. Visit Dialabank
      2. Go to the loan section and select a personal loan link.
      3. By clicking this link, you will be directed to all personal loan details, where you can select your preferred city.

      About Arsikere:

      Arsikere is a railway town in Tamil Nadu. INS Rajali is the second-longest airforce runway in the Indian Subcontinent and Asia’s second-biggest Naval Training Centre.