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      Personal loan for NRI

      About Personal loan for NRI

      Personal loan for NRIA personal loan is an unsecured loan where a borrower doesn’t need to pledge any security or collateral while availing for a loan. It helps us to meet our financial requirements, and a person can use the loan amount as per their needs. It can help us to fulfil our financial requirements such as any medical emergency, for increasing the infrastructure of the business, for the renovation of the house. The repayment of this loan is very flexible.

      There are many banks that offer a personal loan to the NRI. The public sector banks provide loans against the fixed deposits or home loans to NRI customers while the private banks offer loans that may be unsecured. The personal loan for NRI is a good option where an applicant receives quick finance for their different requirements.

       These loans are designed to help Indian citizens living abroad to avail the benefits of a Personal Loan.

      Features of Personal loan for NRI

      These loans have many features, some of these are:

      1. It has a competitive interest rate.
      2. The loan can be available for various purposes.
      3. The repayment tenure of this loan is from 12 to 60 months.
      4. The loan is available for the high limits.

      Benefits of Personal Loan for NRI

      There are many benefits of personal loan for NRI like it offers the advantage of instant financing some of the other benefits are:

      1. The documentation process and applying process is easy and simple. The applicant doesn’t have to face any problems.
      2. It is easy to finance which is used for the personal credit requirements of the applicant.
      3. The applicant can avail of the loan from a wide range of banks.
      4. The processing of applications is very quick and hassle-free.
      5. The personal loan for NRI is available for salaried as well as for self-employed people.

      Documents required for Personal Loan for NRI

      The documentation process is essential to apply for loans. The documentation requirement for applying to these loans is decided on an individual basis or according to the particular criteria of the different banks. Some of the documents required for the NRI personal loan are:

      1. The applicant should submit a copy of their passport and visa.
      2. They have to submit their national and international bank statements.
      3. The salary certificate should be translated into English if it is in any other language.
      4. A power of attorney should be attested if they are applying from India and an Indian consulate if they are applying from abroad.
      5. The applicant who is working in the merchant navy, the Middle East or any other specified employers may be required to attach additional proofs such as CDC or labour card.

      Major banks offering Personal loans for NRI

      There are so many banks that offer NRI personal loans, some of them are:

      • Axis Bank
      • Private Bank
      • SBI Bank
      • Citibank

      Special Note: An individual must examine the whole EMI amount payable to the lender with the Personal loan EMI calculator.

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