Personal Loan Kokrajhar

Guide to Personal Loan Kokrajhar

Bajaj Finance
Interest Rate
10.75% - 17%
11.25% - 18.5%
Min Loan Amt
Metro : 75000 & Non Metro: 50000
Max Loan Amt
50 Lacs
50 Lacs
1 Cr
Loan Tenure
1 - 5 Years
1 - 5 Years
1 - 5 Years
Processing Fee
0.25% - 2% of the Loan Amt

1% - 2.5% of the Loan Amt

0.5% - 2% of the Loan Amt
Preclosure Charges
2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 12 months
2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 24 months
Overdraft Facility

Personal Loan Kokrajhar Features

Personal Loan Kokrajhar

The loan obtained for personal use is considered a personal loan. A personal loan is an unsecured loan where the borrower has no collateral to give to the creditor. A creditor can use the loan sum to satisfy their financial needs because it can be used for medical bills, wedding, or home repair.

A flexible loan helps the creditor, as they choose, to use the capital. The creditor does not keep something in the bank as leverage. The safest choice for quick management of all spending is personal loaning. A personal loan allows you to satisfy all your needs and wishes.

Personal Loan Kokrajhar Interest Rates

Processing Fee
Prepayment Charges
HDFC Bank Personal Loan
0.25% to 1.50%
2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 3 months
Axis Bank Personal Loan
0.50% to 1.50%
ICICI Bank Personal Loan
0.25% to 1.50%
2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 9 months
SBI Personal Loan
500/- to 0.50%
Kotak Personal Loan
1% to 2%
2.25% of fore closure amount if closed 1 month ahead of the tenure.
IIFL Personal Loan
Muthoot Personal Loan
Manappauram Personal Loan
PNB Personal Loan
0.70% to 1%
Canara Bank Personal Loan
Andhra Bank Personal Loan

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Documents Required for Personal Loan Kokrajhar

When the borrower actually asks for the personal loan, they may request any of these papers. Those are as follows:

    1. The applicant has to submit their identity proof which includes aadhaar card, passport, voter card,  driving license.
    2. Two colored photographs
    3. They have to submit residence proof which includes updated passbook, aadhaar card, passport, voter card, etc. And if the individual lives in a leased unit, they must apply a tenancy agreement, the utility bill that must be under the applicant ‘s name, and the owner’s address.
    4. They have to submit their PAN card which is an essential document under the KYC formality.
    5. Unless the applicant is a salaried person, otherwise they have to request their last three months payslip and last six months’ bank statements.
    6. And if the applicant is self-employed then they have to submit the ITR of the last three years and registration of their business should be done.
Salaried Self-Employed
Salary slips of last 3 months & bank statements of the last 6 months. ITR of 2.5 lac minimum for the last 3 years.
Identity Proof: Aadhaar Card/Pan Card/Voter Id/ Driving  License/ Passport.
Address Proof: Aadhaar Card / Pan Card / Voter Id / Passport / Driver License and if the individual stays in a rented apartment then the rental agreement, the bill for energy and water, and the email of the owner.
Two colored photographs.
PAN Card.

A credit score above 650.

Personal Loan Kokrajhar Eligibility Criteria

personal loan at 10.75%*

The eligibility criteria are specific for both salaried and self-employed workers.

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Salaried Applicants

  1. The applicant’s age will be at least 21 years, with a maximum of 60 years.
  2. If the respondent lives in a metropolitan city then the minimum salary will be Rs 18,000. So if the respondent is from the non-metropolitan area then the minimum wage will be Rs 12,000
  3. The claimant should have the previous three years’ job experience and the compensation will only fall in their pocket.
  4. When a borrower is applying for a personal loan then a strong credit background is needed.
  5. Documentation method for Personal Loan Kokrajhar is quick they only have to apply their last three months’ bank statement and last six months’ salary slip.

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Self-Employed Applicants

  1. If an applicant is self-employed then the applicant ‘s age, then a minimum of 25 years, and a maximum of 65 years will be needed.
  2. For the past three years, the claimant will have to register ITR.
  3. The applicant’s credit score would be fine, so there will be no debt remaining due.
  4. At least the ITR under which the respondent reports are to be Rs 2.5 lakhs per annum.
  5. And the claimant has a company that has been going over the last three years then his company would.

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Why Apply for Personal Loan Kokrajhar?

  • Personal Loan Kokrajhar is based upon the candidate’s income per annum and his credit score. No other requirement is there.
  • There is no need to put a precious asset as security to the lender for Personal Loan Kokrajhar, as it is an unsecured loan.
  • Personal loans offer higher loan amounts to help you deal with any financial emergency.
  • Personal Loan Kokrajhar is a multi-purpose offer that can be used for almost all financial problems of life, including debt consolidation.

How to apply for Personal Loan Kokrajhar?

To apply for the best personal loan deals:

  • Visit Dialabank and click on the personal loan option on the menu of the homepage.
  • You will be directed to a page wherein you will have to fill in all your personal as well as professional details, along with your phone number.
  • After you click on ‘Apply now’, wait for a while. In a short period, you will receive mail threads from various banks and NBFCs willing to lend ou a personal loan
  • Our experts will give you a call and assist you in choosing the best deal for you.
  • In case of any queries, call us at 9878981166.

personal loan at 10.75%*

Processing Fee / Prepayment Charges on Personal Loan Kokrajhar

The interest rates in Personal Loan depend on the profile and salary of an individual in the business. Personal Loan Kokrajhar’s interest rate starts at 10.75 percent per year.

If you wish to foreclose your loan before the agreed tenure of the loan, you will be charged a penal prepayment fee by every lending institution. Unable to close your loan before 12 months in most cases. Post that the charges vary according to how many years the loan has been made. Those penalties range from 4 percent of the unpaid debt balance in the second year to 2 percent in the borrower ‘s fourth year.

To know about the interest rate click on personal loan interest rate

Personal Loan Kokrajhar EMI Calculator

CIBIL Score required for Personal Loan Kokrajhar

Every lending institution has its criteria for the minimum CIBIL score required for processing a Personal Loan application in Kokrajhar. Most institutions need a minimum score of 650 to process your application for a loan.

The institutions are not only looking at the overall score but also the detailed behavior of previous loans. It provides information about the form of loan obtained and the amount lent. Any outstanding payments for prior loans will serve as a deterrent to making a fresh loan open to you.

personal loan at 10.75%*

Personal Loan Kokrajhar Contact Number

Call 9878981166 and get instant help and approval for Personal Loan in Kokrajhar.

Pre Calculated EMI Table for Personal Loan Kokrajhar

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5 Yrs
4 Yrs
3 Yrs

About Kokrajhar

Kokrajhar is a city in the Bodoland Territorial Area, an autonomous region in Assam, one of India’s North-East provinces.

The town of Kokrajhar lies along the shore of the Gaurang River. The North-East Indian Railways split the region into two parts, Kokrajhar to the north and south. Kokrajhar Town is the headquarters of the Kokrajhar District and Tribal Council of Bodoland.

Individuals with various ethnicities and beliefs hinder this. Bodos, Koch Rajbongshi, Assamese, Garo, and Santalis are the primary residents. Bodos and other tribals can be seen in most villages whereas, in market areas Bengalis, Gorkha, Biharis, and Marwaris are seen as merchants. You can also see the tea tribes in the tea gardens.

Originally a portion of the undivided Goalpara district, Kokrajhar was carved in 1957 as a Civil Subdivision from the Goalpara district’s then Dhubri Subdivision. It was just a tiny town with a train station before then.