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      Personal Loan Madhupur

      About Personal Loan Madhupur

      Personal Loan Madhupur

      Personal Loans are designed to address diverse money needs easily and conveniently to fulfil your need. A personal loan is an unsecured loan, which means its interest rates are higher than secured loans. The higher your credit score/ CIBIL score, the lower the rate you may get.

      Why should one choose Personal Loan Madhupur?

      Personal Loan Madhupur has an instant approval process with loans getting cleared as early as within 24-48 hours of the loan application submission.

      1. Easy availability – Personal loans today come with a speedy loan approval process. Loans are approved almost instantly after filling the form. An applicant requesting a personal loan can expect a loan disbursal within one or two working days making the whole loan process swift and hassle-free.
      2. Minimal Documentation – getting a personal loan requires a minimum documentation process. No need to collect a bunch of papers
      3. Easy Availability –  Easy availability is one of the biggest advantages of a personal loan. Almost all banks and NBFC offer personal loans with ease when you apply through Dialabank. Moreover, personal loans are not very expensive and are available at best interest rates making them a profitable option to overcome any immediate money need.

      Eligibility Criteria for Personal Loan Madhupur:

      The self-employed and employed must fulfil the following criteria for being eligible for Personal Loan Madhupur.

      Salaried Individuals Self Employed Individuals
      Age Minimum 21 years Maximum 60 years Age Minimum 25 years Maximum 65 years
      Salary Rs.15, 000 (Monthly). ITR An Annual ITR of 2.5 to 3 lakh is required.
      Work Experience Overall 3 years and one year experience in the current job Business Stability Your business should be running for the last 3 years with continuous profit.
      Document Required Identity proof: Aadhar Card, Valid Passport, Valid Voter ID Card, or a Valid Driving License. Document Required Identity proof: Aadhar Card, Valid Passport, Valid Voter ID Card, or a Valid Driving License.
      Address proof: Ration card/passport/telephone/rental agreement/electricity bill Address proof: Ration card/passport/telephone/rental agreement/electricity bill. Residence: Office or Home should be owned.
      Mandatory The applicant getting a salary in cash is not eligible for availing Loan at affordable rates. Mandatory Telephone / Mobile at the office

      Features of Personal Loan Madhupur:

      1. Flexibility to Use Funds: Unlike other loan options, the money obtained through a personal loan can be used freely as per your needs. Personal loans can overcome money need related to marriage expenses, medical costs, house renovation expenses, etc.
      2. The high amount of loan: Based on the applicant CIBIL score, personal loans are available for expenses as low as Rs. 10,000 to a high amount depends upon your credit score and the bank or NBFC concerned.
      3. No Securities: The banks and NBFCs do not ask for the collateral and lend the money based on the applicant’s income.
      4. Interest Rates: The competitive rate of interest is provided by these banks and NBFCs on these loans. Interest rate depending on credit rating
      5. Flexible Tenure: The loans may have a tenure of 5 years to repay the money. But there would be some exceptions to this number.
      6. Quick Processing: The banks and NBFCs do not take much time to approve and disburse the money after verifying the documents.
      7. Easy Installments: The amount and number of EMI to repay the money can be chosen by the applicants according to their affordability.
      8. Minimum Documentation: The documents these loans require are fundamental and very few in number.
      9. Credit Score: The applicants can also use these loans as a tool to get a good credit score.

      Rate of Interest for Personal Loan Madhupur


      The base interest rate starts at 10.50%. The additional charges are applicable to which variables are. Interest rate depending on credit rating

      • Company Profile: The well-reputed companies and government organization’s employees can benefit from the variation of many of the charges.
      • Bank customer Relationships: The relationship with the banks, like being a customer before, can be an asset for minimizing the rates and charges
      • The following factors may influence the interest rates and bank charges:
      • Credit/CIBIL Score: A good CIBIL score can be an asset for lowering down the rate of interest and other charges.
      • Minimum credit score: 640-750.
      Credit Score Chart
      Score Grading Average Personal Loan APRs
      720 and Above Excellent 10.03% – 12.05%
      680 to 719 Good 13.05% – 15.05%
      620 to 679 Average 17.08% – 19.09%
      580 to 619 Poor 19.9% – 21.09 %
      500 to 579 Bad 21.09%- 24.07%
      Less than 500 Miserable 28.05% – 32.00%

      Identity Proof: Aadhar Card, Voter ID, PAN Card, Passport or any other KYC.

      Documentation process for Personal Loan Madhupur:

      1. Residence Proof: Aadhar Card, Voter Card, any Utility Bill, or the rental agreement.
      2. Proof of Income: ITR of Last 3 years for self-employed and salary slip of last 6 months for employed.

      About Madhupur

      Madhupur is a town with the municipality in Deoghar district in the Indian state of Jharkhand. It is a subdivisional town. If you need a personal loan, Madhupur is very simple. You have to fill the above form, and we provide you with a personal loan interest rate at a meagre processing fee.

      How to Apply for Personal Loan Madhupur?

      1. Apply online on Dialabank
      2. Check your personal loan eligibility by clicking on the link.
      3. Call the helpline number 9878981166
      4. We assure you that we will provide you with the best interest rate on your loan compared to others.

      Personal Loan Interest Rates in Madhupur

      Bank Processing Fee
      Prepayment Charges
      HDFC Bank Personal Loan 0.25% to 1.50%
      2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 3 months
      Axis Bank Personal Loan 0.50% to 1.50% Nil
      ICICI Bank Personal Loan 0.25% to 1.50%
      2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 9 months
      SBI Personal Loan 500/- to 0.50% Nil
      Kotak Personal Loan 1% to 2%
      2.25% of fore closure amount if closed 1 month ahead of the tenure.
      IIFL Personal Loan Nil Nil
      Muthoot Personal Loan Nil Nil
      Manappauram Personal Loan Nil Nil
      PNB Personal Loan 0.70% to 1% Nil
      Canara Bank Personal Loan 0.01 Nil
      Andhra Bank Personal Loan Nil Nil

      To check Personal Loan Interest Rate for all major banks you can visit: Personal Loan Interest Rates