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      Personal Loan Secunderabad Cantt

      Best Banks for Personal Loan Secunderabad Cantt

      HDFC Bank
      Private Bank
      Bajaj Finance
      Interest Rate
      10.75% - 17%
      11.25% - 18.5%
      Min Loan Amt
      Metro : 75000 & Non Metro: 50000
      Max Loan Amt
      50 Lacs
      50 Lacs
      1 Cr
      Loan Tenure
      1 - 5 Years
      1 - 5 Years
      1 - 5 Years
      Processing Fee
      0.25% - 2% of the Loan Amt

      1% - 2.5% of the Loan Amt

      0.5% - 2% of the Loan Amt
      Preclosure Charges
      2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 12 months
      2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 24 months
      Overdraft Facility

      Personal Loan Secunderabad Cantt Features

      Personal Loan Secunderabad Cantt

      A Personal Loan is like a beam of light in the darkness of financial lacks; you can look to live your dreams and manage your bad times by taking a personal loan without any mortgage. In this modern world, with increasing expenses and a new lifestyle, it is essential to cope with the trend. So Personal Loan is a feature provided by banks & NBFIs to get the best loan option to manage all expenses easily, especially for the people in metro cities. A personal loan is a loan that can be used in multiple ways to fulfil many purposes. These purposes could be debt repayment, taxes, paying medical bills and more. Personal finance is instant finance, which a person can avail of within 2-3 working days with minimal documentation required.

      Personal Loan Secunderabad Cantt Interest Rates and Charges

      Interest rates on personal loans start from 7.35%

      Why Apply for Personal Loan Secunderabad Cantt?

      1. The Loan amount depends upon the income and repayment capability of the applicant.
      2. It is a multi-purpose offer that can be used for almost all financial problems.
      3. No need to put any property or asset as security to the lender.
      4. No cosigner is needed.

      Personal Loan in Secunderabad Cantt Eligibility Criteria

      A Personal Loan does not apply to everyone, and there are some eligibility criteria for a personal loan based on which the bank provides a loan to the applicant. There are two categories of applicants:

      • Salaried
      • Self-employed

      There are different eligibility criteria for both applicants.

      Salaried Applicant:

      1. The minimum age of the applicant should be 21 years and a maximum of up to 60 years.
      2. If the borrower should have a salary of a minimum of Rs.18,000 per month
      3. The borrower must have work experience of the last three years, and the compensation should come in their account only.
      4. The person must have a good CIBIL score, i.e., at least 700+
      5. The documentation process is straightforward; they have to submit their bank statement of the last three months and the salary slip of the previous six months.

      Self-employed Applicant:

      1. The self-employed person’s age should be minimum of 25 years.
      2. The applicant should file ITR at least for the last three years.
      3. The CIBIL of the applicant should be good, and no debt should be left due.
      4. The ITR(Income tax return) that the applicant files should be Rs 2.5 lakhs per annum.
      5. And the applicant is a businessman than his business should be running for the last three years.

      Personal Loan Secunderabad Cantt Documents Required

      1. Identity proof: (Passport/Id card/voter card/driving license/Aadhar Card) It can be any one of them.
      2. Residence proof: (Passport/voter card/driving license/Aadhar Card/Ration Card). And the applicant living in a rented house, then they have to submit their rental agreement.
      3. The applicant must submit their PAN card, which is an essential document under the KYC formality.
      4. Salaried applicants have to submit their salary slips for the last three months and the bank statements for the previous six months.
      5. The self-employed applicant has to submit the ITR of the last three years, and their business registration should be done.
      6. Two passport size coloured photos. (Applicant should not be wearing glasses)

      How to Apply for Personal Loan Secunderabad Cantt?

      Anybody can apply for Personal Loan online only in 2 minutes. The process of application is straightforward and quick.

      1. First of all, you should check your eligibility.
      2. Visit Dialabank.
      3. After that, apply for a Personal Loan online.
      4. Enter your contact number so that we can contact you back.
      5. Dialabank is the best platform to apply for a personal loan as you will get a loan at affordable rates of interest.

      Why Apply for Personal Loan Secunderabad Cantt?

      1. There is no need to deposit any mortgage and collateral security to the bank.
      2. A personal loan is a multi-purpose offer loan. It can be used for all the problems related to finance.
      3. The amount of a personal loan depends upon the repayment of individual income and capacity.
      4. A Personal Loan does not require any guarantor or nominee.

      How to apply for Personal Loan Secunderabad Cantt?

      1. Visit Dialabank
      2. Go to the loan section and click on the personal loan link.
      3. The applicant will be directed to all personal loan details where they can choose their preferred city.
      4. For more information and free guidance, you may call on 9878981166.


      Interest Rate 9.99%


      Processing Fee / Prepayment Charges on Personal Loan Secunderabad Cantt

      Every Bank and NBFC charges two kinds of fees from its customers. The first is a fee for processing your Loan application. These charges are 1% of the sanctioned loan amount. If you are thwarting your loan amount before the due date, you have to pay a fine for prepayment. You cannot shut your loan before 12 months in most of the conditions. The prepayment penalty charges depend on the number of years for which the loan has been used. To gain more knowledge about the interest rate, click on the Personal Loan interest rate.

      Personal Loan Secunderabad Cantt EMI Calculator

      EMI (Equated Monthly Installments) are the rigorous charges you are responsible for paying monthly to the bank as repayment of the loan amount. The EMI is fixed, but the interest rate is not. It will be concluded based on your profile status. And subsequently, your EMI will be calculated based on the interest rate and the tenure of the loan.

      CIBIL Score required for Personal Loan Secunderabad Cantt

      Lending institutions such as Banks and NBFCs have their norms for CIBIL score Mostly. Lending institutions prefer a CIBIL score of 750 to permit your loan application process. Institutions just look at your behaviour in your preceding loans whether you have reimbursed your loans on time or not. Any withheld payments of the past can alter your future.


      Interest Rate 9.99%


      Personal Loan Secunderabad Cantt Agents

      Dialabank is the leading representative for availing Personal Loan in Secunderabad Cantt. You can apply online at Dialabank or give a call at 9878981166

      Dialabank helps you find the best option for Banks and NBFCs by providing you with a detailed market comparison of different banks to make the right choice. Visit our website and fill a simple form with your personal and employment details. Our customer relationship managers will soon get in touch with you.

      Personal Loan Secunderabad Cantt Contact Number

      Call 9878981166 and get instant help for any issue and loan approval for a Personal Loan in Secunderabad Cantt.

      Pre Calculated EMI Table for Personal Loan Secunderabad Cantt

      Click here for a personal loan EMI calculator

      5 Yrs
      4 Yrs
      3 Yrs

      About Secunderabad Cantt

      Secundrabad is the twin city located in the Indian state of Hyderabad. The town was named after the third Nizam Sikandar Jah. The town originated in the year 1806 as a cantonment. Separated by the river Hussain Sagar, it used to have its municipality, but at present, it’s part of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC).

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